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How Helpful Is Chiropractic in Treating Sciatica

The trademark of sciatica is pain that starts from lumbar spinal and goes to your hips and down the back of your leg. Sitting on the wallet can be a cause of sciatica for men. The longest nerve in the boy is the sciatic nerve. It starts from the pelvis and goes through the buttock and hip and then down to each leg. The sciatic nerve gets divided into smaller nerves as it goes down the legs and helps you feel your legs, thighs and feet. It also helps in controlling the muscles in the lower leg. 'Sciatica' indicates the pain that is radiated along the path of this particular nerve.

This condition actually indicated that there is an underlying problem that is accelerating pressure on a nerve in your lower back. Herniated or bulging disc is another reason that can cause this condition. Piriformis syndrome can also be a cause of sciatica. This is the muscle that is located just above the sciatica nerve. If this muscle is tight or has a spasm, then pressure is executed directly on the sciatic nerve. This is also caused occasionally in men due to sitting on the wallet.

The pain begins at the lower part of the spell and then travels down the buttock and the back of both the legs. Sciatica has symptoms like tingling, numbness and weakness in the leg that is affected. The pain can be serious or mild, sharp or burning and can cause a lot of discomfort. At times, it might be as sharp as a jolt or shock. This pain starts slowly and gets intense with time. It is to be severe when you cough, sit or sneeze.

Stretches, chiropractic care and deep tissue massage can help in relieving the problem of sciatic pain most of the times. The cases where the reason for the condition is chronic spasm of piriformis muscles or the low back, trigger point injection process is important. In this process, a specialist injects small portion of anesthetic into the muscle that is spasmed so that the cycle can be broken. Chiropractic treatment is very helpful to get long term results in case of sciatica and does not produce any side effects as it is a natural and safe form of treatment. It is very effective and more and more people are turning towards this treatment method. If you are suffering from this condition, you should consult your chiropractor soon.

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Chiropractic Care Can Help With Scoliosis

An abnormal curve of spine that results in a S or C shape that comes out laterally and makes a non-visible and visible defect to the person is known as scoliosis. This does not take place because of lack of care of certain actions that result in spine curvature. This is not even contagious. Chiropractic treatment can always be helpful in case of this condition. It is a natural treatment method and can provide a long term solution for scoliosis.

Scoliosis is known as an idiopathic disease. This is because no one knows for sure the exact reason or its cause. It is a wrong notification that this is caused by being too athletic or carrying heavy things. This can affect people of any age but you can usually see it in between childhood and adolescence when the growth takes place and the curvature in the spine is easily visible.

Scoliosis can change the appearance of a person if there are uneven shoulders and the lump on the back of a person is visible. In case of double curvature where the spline bends twice, it is not easily seen. Using pilates, an exercise pattern is created along with thoughtful breathing and movement that can help make your body more flexible and efficient.

Other methods that can help are application of heating pads, massage, hydrotherapy and ice for temporary pain relief. Before you get into other treatment methods like surgery or braces, you should go for chiropractic treatment for scoliosis. This treatment method focuses on rehabilitative as well as manipulative treatment methods. It is said to be more effective than other methods to treat this condition.

This condition can fix itself for some people. So, you should not worry too much. But one thing to keep in mind is to not ignore it. Ignoring this condition can lead to serious consequences over time and since you should go to your chiropractor if you see symptoms build up over time. Chiropractic provides you improved range of mobility by spinal manipulation. You can feel overall wellness once you take up this form of treatment. There are many advantages of chiropractic as it helps the body to heal on its own. Scoliosis can be easily treated with the help of this treatment method. You can expect long term results from chiropractic. If you are suffering from scoliosis and do not know what to do, contact your chiropractor soon.

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Shamanic Healing And How It Works

Psychology and modern psychiatry acknowledge the existence of a defense mechanism of the psyche when it is in great pain. The traditional perspective on the phenomenon is that of losing the soul. Losing part of the soul is linked by the shaman practitioners to many affective psychoses.

We have all gone through some rough times in our life, when we felt as if we lost parts of ourselves. Temporary loss (of longer or shorter periods of time, sometimes, indefinite periods of time) of some parts of our soul occurs every time we experience a trauma. The death of someone dear to us, breaking up with your lover, emotional or sexual abuse, accidents, illnesses, surgery, have a major impact on our soul. The phenomenon is primarily due to some sort of soul defense which allows parts of it to “fly away”, somewhere else, so that the person is not overwhelmed by the terrifying experience.

If we were to use a holographic pattern of the soul, we might say that every time a part of energy hologram called “soul” fades away, the remaining part still has the main properties of the original, but it is pale, missing light and energy. For many hundreds of years now, the shamans have been able to identify the diagnosis, as well as healing these soul losses.

The classic procedure is the one when the shaman practitioner's soul, together with his spiritual helpers and guides, travel to a non-ordinary reality, identify the “fugitives” and convince them through specific means to come back home. Therefore, this is an operation that someone carries out for someone else's benefit. Restoring the soul is a reliably fast process in terms of treatment session, but its results can be noticed after a long period of time.

A very important task is the one of integrating the restored parts into that person's life. The individual must allow and come to terms with the changes in his / her life, so that the recovered soul parts play their role in that person's life. They must feel useful and welcomed; otherwise there is a high risk for them to run away again. Luckily, this wonderful healing practice is also available nowdays.

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What Reiki Is and Isn’t

Reiki (pronounced Ray Key), is a combination of two Japanese words rei and ki. Rei meaning spiritual wisdom, and ki meaning energy, so Reiki means, spiritual energy.

Because Reiki is available to everyone, and anyone at any age or level of health, it may be worth looking into if you think you could use a little relaxation. In a nutshell, Reiki offers you a way to release stress or boost your energy, or both if that's what you need.

Reiki is natural, because you do not need any special equipment or tools. It's relaxing and balancing because it can help you to feel the blissful, as well as, create a sense of balance inside your body.

Now that you know what Reiki is, here is what it is not:

Reiki is not a massage, because it does not require the practitioner to place her hands firmly on your body, as a massage would. It is also not religious, because anyone from any conviction or none (if you do not practice any religion), can benefit from Reiki.

Even though Reiki is not religious, it is however, spiritual. Let me explain. Spirituality is the belief in your connection with the divine, whether you refer to it as a higher power or God. And religion gives you a way to grow and develop spiritually by giving you a place of worship and texts, such as the Bible, to read and use as a guide to support your spiritual growth.

Keep in mind that, you can have a spiritual connection and not belong to a religion, just as you can also be part of a religion and do not have any spiritual bond or connection.

Reiki provides a way for spiritual growth no matter what is (or is not) your religious background. After seeing the techniques used in your own Reiki healing session, you may find that Reiki is certainly applicable for you. You may be able to experience the healing energy coming from God or another higher power working through the practitioner, or you may choose to use prayer or meditation to connect to God or the higher power of your own beliefs.

If you're seeking for a way to grow spiritually, a Reiki session might be worth trying. Because it is a good way to help you to evolve as a person. It's also a great way for you to develop your consciousness.

And if you decide to go to a Reiki session, remember to keep an open mind. Because Reiki is a system of energy healing, you do not need to understand how the energy in the body works to benefit from it, but it helps to know the process for the way that Reiki works.

So, now that you have a taste of what Reiki is, maybe you can feel a little better about the knowing what it is, and you can decide if this is something you want to do to improve quality of your body and mind.

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Tips Towards Wellness

Whether a problem is physical, psychological or otherwise, all healing comes from within. The body truly has a remarkable ability to heal itself. To chiropractors, this vital force is understood as innate intelligence.

This is certainly not to say that because the body heals itself we do not have to worry or take assertive steps regarding our health. Everything we do, eat and think influences healing potential and ability to reach an optimal state of wellness.

Given the appropriate environment, the body's natural ability to heal will be maximized. Here are some important steps to take towards optimizing health:

1) Increase your level of physical activity:
Most North Americans are not getting an adequate amount of physical activity. Beyond the well known cardiovascular benefits of exercise (such as reduction in blood pressure, body weight and bad cholesterol), regular moderate physical activity has other benefits. Some of these include protection against osteoporosis, colon cancer and diabetes mellitus, improved muscular function / strength, stress reduction, and improved sleep. How much exercise is enough? According to the US Surgeon General's Report, every adult should participate in 30 minutes of moderate activity on most days of the week. Regular physical activity also helps people feel better due to release of endorphins. It reduces pain and increases healing rate. Ever wonder why athletes heal so quickly? Part of it stems from having a great cardiovascular system.

2) De-stress:
Stress can wreak havoc on one's physical and psychological well-being. Trying to reduce stress can be difficult in our present day fast-paced society. It is important to find a balance between work and play. Some stress reducing activities include exercise, meditation, spending time with loved ones, joining community events and having hobbies.

3) Optimize your diet:
Vitamin, mineral or herbal supplements are beneficial in many circumstances though they should not replace a healthy, balanced diet. It is very important to consume a variety of fruits and vegetables (preferably fresh), complex carbohydrates (such as whole grains) and anti-inflammatory fats (such as omega-3 fatty acids found in fresh water fish and nuts / seeds). Foods to avoid include heavily processed foods, sugary beverages and inflammatory fats (such as trans-fats). Try to reduce consumption of red meats and fatty cheese.

4) Stay hydrated:
The human body is comprared primarily of water. All cellular processes and every organ system depends on water. We are constantly losing water therefore it must be completed to ensure proper functioning and detoxification.

5) Be well-rested:
There is much restoration and healing that occurs at night. Adequate rest is just as important as maintaining a consistent sleep-wake cycle.

6) Spend time with friends and loved ones:
The key to true happiness is the meaningful connections between one human and the next. Spending time with friends and loved ones directly affects one's emotional well-being.

7) Maintain a positive attitude:
Focus on those things for which you are grateful. Look forward not backward. Do not dwell on things that go wrong but see stumbling blocks as challenges that can be overcome through dedication and self-belief.

8) Avoid activities that are detrimental to health:
Most people know that smoking and excess alcohol consumption are detrimental to health. Smoking impairs healing by introducing toxins into the body. The main problem people think about with regards to smoking is lung damage which can lead to cancer. However, smoking has many more negative effects. For example, smoking damages the arterial walls which leads to build up of plaque and temporary hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis). It also increases blood pressure. The impact of this can be devastating and leads to increased risk of stroke, heart attack and general decline in healing.

9) Work on good posture:
Good post helps to reduce the load and stress on joints, muscles and ligaments. That being said, being stationary for a prolonged period, even with good posture is bad. In general movement is good for the body.

10) See your chiropractor regularly:
Having regular spinal check-ups is a great idea for people seeking to optimize their health. Regular adjustments improve joint mechanisms and balance the nervous system. Your chiropractor will also support and guide you in your steps towards wellness.

1.Myers, J. (2003). Exercise and Cardiovascular Health. Circulation, 107; e2-e5.
2.Shephard, R. & Balady, G. (1999). Exercise as Cardiovascular Therapy. Circulation, 99; 963-972.

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Reiki Treatment Method – The Most Powerful Spiritual Healing Arts Yet Very Smooth And Healthy

Reiki healing is somehow the most smooth and satisfying method in which individuals discovered, but within those soothing and relaxing program, an extremely potent healing strategy is actually working on.

This unique form of therapy offers you a bunch of benefits. The most important and foremost is stress relief, with reiki you can walk into a deep relaxation condition and about this there is not any conflict even just in the suspicious community, as this therapy involves some form of mind-calming exercise, and almost everyone knows about that meditation as well as relaxation techniques have been shown to be highly effective stress reduction technique, no doubt about it. Most of physical health conditions that the majority of people got, they have their beginnings in psychological stress and anxiety from the existing events and from the past just as well.

Reiki healing is about performing on a good vitality that will simply works for good without any pessimistic outcomes whatever. Even if the recipient, whether blatantly or absolutely not, block the good energy, they still will not any side effects.

Reiki will work together harmoniously with all the current day medicine approach. Reiki therapy may be employed on just about anyone, irregardless of their faiths and perceptions. Religion and faith usually do not affect reiki treatment whatever, even if religious practitioner or subjects will be experiencing some type of 'close to god' emotion, still, reiki is good for all people.

Reiki therapy could possibly be used on animals and plants and flowers and other forms of living things too. A reiki program for some animals have to have about 30 minutes, depend upon the nature of the situation of your pet. typically an individual treatment solution is quite enough, or even more treatments may be needed. These typically need quicker time and energy to complete.

Reiki therapy usually are a bit different from one to the other, some therapist have got to touch their patients but some just need to hover their hands somewhat above the individuals system. Often the reikiorative healing session beginning with generating a relaxed conditions for the patients. They have to loose up with ease on a chair or on a massage therapy table, and then the therapist start his healing process, by starting their aura after which situate their hands over the person's body and stay there for a few time long before shifting positions .

Could depend on the individual's body region which have problem, the hand positions may likely stay on just one area all through the healing period or in a different spot, and last as long as the way it normally requires for the universal energies to transfer through the chakras. With this reiki healing period of time, you should feel at relaxed and happy and quite often a person could become drowsy or get to sleep through this session.

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Practicing Reiki – Let Your Ego Step Aside for More Effective Healing

As Practitioners, we are advised early on to let our egos move out of the way. What does that mean exactly and are you personally able do this?

The Dictionary has many definitions for the “ego” including: the “I” or self of any person; a person as thinking, feeling, and willing, and distinguishing oneself from the selves of others and from objects of its thought.

Many people, when they think of ego, think of someone who has a “big ego” meaning an exaggerated sense of self-importance, or conceited attitude. The ego is a reflection of one's self image or self-esteem. It is our egos that make us who we are and define us as individuals.

As physical animals, our egos assist us in effectively navigating through this magnificent, but often complicated physical realm. They are a necessity. However, in terms of Reiki, the flow of the Universal Life Force Energy through us is most effective when we are pure, clear channels or vessels.

This means:

  • Letting go of expectations of income
  • Not making a personal decision of exactly where and how the energy should be directed
  • Trusting in the wisdom of the Universal / God-Consciousness / Divine
  • Releasing feelings of responsibility regarding the healing
  • Being open to the healing unfolding in the perfect way that is definitely beneficial for the recipient
  • Recognizing that Reiki always provides a benefit, even if it is not immediately apparent

As an example, sometimes someone is having a digestive problem which is actually resulting from the stress of communication issues, or lack of clear communication in a close relationship in that person's life. You have no knowledge of this deeper-imprisoned cause – nor does the client. So you might automatically decide to focus in on the stomach area where the condition is manifesting. But in reality, maybe it is the throat area (the chakra of communication) that will draw and absorb the most healing energy. Of course, YOU do not needlessly know this – but the Universe DOES!

So what does this all mean on a practical level? It means developing a very flexible attitude towards healing sessions. It means always asking that the healing manifest for the “highest good” of the recipient. It means that as you are engaged in a Reiki treatment session, that you are aware and receptive of the higher consciousness / intuitive part of yourself. It means being really immersed in the present moment – basically holding the space as a vessel of light – a conduit for the gentle, yet powerful energy. You can think of any session as if it is a “healing equation” and it takes three parts to make this equation balance: you as healing conduit, the client (or recipient) and the Divine / Universal consciousness.

As healings occur, remain humble. You personally did not do the healing – so gratefully acknowledge the Universe or Higher Power for healing that comes through – both the mundane and the miraculous. Embrace your role more as a “healing facilitator” and be open to the myriad blessings that can come through a loving, supportive and wise Universe.

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6 Ways to Prepare for a Week of Intense Training

You have just found out that you will be taking part in an Intense training camp for 5 days straight. Maybe a job requirement or the desire to get in shape. Bootcamp or a basketball camp, maybe a week of brutal Russian martial arts training- who knows? Bottom line, you've made up your mind: it is going to be tough.

On top of that, you only have 3 days to prepare, during which you have to work, make meals, look after the kids, and run a couple of last minute errands. All in all you have very little time to optimize your systems for what is to come.

The following 6 tips will hopefully take the edge off and give you a solid foundation for an intense week of training.

Hydrate your system: Proper hydration takes time. Start drinking a few days prior to your event. Avoid drinking large quantities at a time. Rather, sip little amounts through the day, all day. You want to make sure you do not deplete your body of minerals and vitamins by over drinking and therefore over-eliminating.

Stay away from energy drinks, carbonation, fructosy-glucosy drinks, coffee, tea and alcohol. Stick to water.

Regulate your eating and diet: Make sure you eat well. Keep it simple; salads, raw fish, fresh greens and vegetables. A good dose of fruits and nuts to supplement your main diet, be it vegetarian or not. Make sure you do not eat late or before sleeping.

Frankly, this is how our diet and eating habits should be all the time. Giving extra attention to your diet will go far in terms of sustenance and nutrition, but also as a psychological pillar.

Firstly, it will mean that you are slowing down your day-to-day pace, which is very good for your nervous system, but also you will feel more “wholesome” knowing that you care, feed, and look after yourself in a healthy manner.

Push ups, squats and sit ups : The trinity of body maintenance, I highly recommend the following regimen twice a day, everyday.

3 minutes of push ups, 2 minutes of squats, 1 minute of sit ups.

You can take breaks as needed, but try to accomplish as many per set, without sacrificing good form (in push ups it means planking your body and going as low as possible without touching the ground, and coming up to a position where arms are straight In squats, keep your back straight, and heels to the ground. In sit-ups make sure your chest does not slouch inward, and your head does not tilt forward or back.)

Mimic, imitate and practice : Unless you have little idea of ​​what will be expected of you, take the time to practice moves that will be required of you.

If it is basketball, you know that you will be required to do a lot of stop and go, and lots of jumping. If wrestling, you can practice transitions from standing to lying down, or may want to lie on the ground with a bit of weight on your chest.

Take the time to exaggerate each move, make sure you breath, and practice slowly, especially if new and unfamiliar with the discipline.

Stretch : Not everyone is flexible or “free” in their movement the same way. In order to avoid injury, I would like to offer an alternative to what we commonly understand as a stretching. Coupled with proper breathing this is the safest manner to get rid of tension without actually risking a tear in muscle or connective tissue.

Twice or three times a day spend about 1 minute stretching like you would when you wake up in the morning. Try it in different positions and try to slowly engage as many parts of your body. Make sure you breath.

Rest well : Quintessential to surviving hardcore training , proper rest, prior, during and after an Intensive will give you the necessary sharpness to better perform, follow directions, learn and process information and data. You will also heal better and feel better.

Rest does not need mean sleep. It can be considered as a space where the mind and body can forget and unplug from stress and anxiety causing conditions. However, sleep is the best way to rest and recuperate.

The above tips are for the average person who may or may not have a basic level of fitness, however everyone can benefit from them. Enjoy!

Always seek the advice of a physician prior to starting any training regimen.

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How I Lost The Feeling Of Reiki Flowing Through My Hands After An Attunement

Do not worry about losing the feeling of Reiki going through hands after an attunement. You have not lost the Reiki but simply do not feel it going through your hands any more. Let me tell you about my own attunement experience to explain. On my first Reiki attunement, I felt nothing, except that in the attunement itself, I had an out-of-body experience. But even this out of body experience was particularly mundane; I went to a computer warehouse and stood staring at shelves stacked with brown boxes! After this attunement, I also felt nothing at all but somehow knew that I wanted to continue on this path. On my Reiki 2 attunement, I fought non-stop, although it was not tears of sadness. It was a very weird feeling, but I was assured by my Reiki Master that I should just let it happen, and she gave me plenty of tissues. After this attunement, I could always feel the Reiki come out of the palms of my hands. This was especially when I had myself or someone else a healing. Three years later, I was ready for my Reiki Masters training. During my Masters attunement, I felt nothing. And after this attunement, I lost the feeling of Reiki constantly streaming from my hands! However, by then, I was a full-time practitioner, and my clients noted that they felt my energy was stronger somehow!

Later on, I took another advanced attunement called Sakara. I felt nothing in that attunement either. However, would you believe it; I got the Reiki flowing out of my hands feeling back after that! But the story does not end there. I went for another advanced attunement afterwards. This one was called Cahokia. It was an amazing workshop, I felt the attunement, and afterwards, I again lost the feeling of Reiki streaming through my palms.

Through my experiences, I found that with each attunement, I became a better healer, regardless of what I felt like in the attunement or afterwards. Reiki is felt in the effects it has on our lives. The desire to actually feel something whilst giving or having a treatment is just our own need for reassurance and has nothing to do with Reiki. I now trust that the Reiki is doing its work and just allow it to happen. Anyways, that is my story. The way I see it, it does not matter if you feel the Reiki or not. It flows through anyway.

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Palliative Care in Cotton Scrubs

Palliative care means preventing and relieving suffering, and improving the quality of life of people who are facing serious illnesses. Here are some tips for RN's in cotton scrubs on how to improve their palliative care program. In the first place, you should set up routine processes to make decision-making easier. Effective nursing signs well-supported nursing. This means providing proper training, and developing the routine processes which empower nurses to make appropriate decisions about treatments. Nurses should also have opportunities for quick consultation with doctors when needed.

Some hospitals allow nurses to interact with doctors in their daily rounds, have a palliative care physician on call 24/7, and also hold weekly interdisciplinary meetings in which the team can discuss complex cases in greater detail. This gives all team members the chance to share information, solve problems, and learn from other members. Other hospitals have evolved algorithms for palliative care patients which are regularly reviewed and approved by attending physicians. These algorithms are designed so nurses on the team can promptly treat pain, anxiety, and dsypnea in response to patient needs without having to wait for a physician. This way the nursing staff is sure of giving the correct treatment in a timely manner.

But even with good procedures and processes, there may be areas of uncertainty. For example, listening to and understanding the patients' care goals can be a complex and time consuming process. However, these conversations are critical to providing patients with appropriate care. By focusing upon the patients' care goals, it is much easier to know what to do. For example, if you are not sure whether to draw a lab, or to provide antibiotics for an elderly person in animal print scrubs, there is no one right or wrong answer.

The answer should be determined by whether or not the action meets the goals of the patients' care. For example, hospitals do not usually permit overnight visits by children, but in an exceptional case a child could be allowed to sleep in the room where a parent is dying. Hospitals need to think beyond their own rules when devising good palliative care plans. Nurses should ask themselves what is realistic in terms of care giving, finances, and opportunities. Patients and their families need education as to what their options are. Outside agencies and options should be built into the plan of care and communicated with the receiving agencies. Patients 'medical reports and information should be sent to appropriate outside agencies to insure patients' regularly transition from one health setting to another.

A palliative care team which is improperly structured can lead to staff burnout. It is important to have an adequate staff, and an interdisciplinary team which has a high degree of collaboration, in order to mitigate burnout. The collaboration and support of an interdisciplinary team help to alleviate nurses' perceptions that they are saving the world all by themselves. Staff members should be taught communication skills, including how to have difficult conversations. Providing the proper tools which nurses in Koi nursing scrubs need impacts positively on their ability to care for patients effectively.

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Be Careful What You Put Into Your Body

There's a great little acronym in cyber space called “GIGO” – Garbage In – Garbage Out.

I'd like to apply this term to the functioning of the human organism.

The body is a wonderful mechanism – so much so that regardless of what we do to it – it functions for years and years and years.

Well! – Perhaps its function is not as smooth as it should be and sometimes it clogs up a bit and becomes uncomfortable and yes, sometimes it does not quite reach its natural life-span – but hey – what's a bit of pain, discomfort and the loss of a few years at the end?

Ask the person that's in pain – the person that is suffering with chronic symptoms – or the person that is about to exit this earthly plane prematurely and I'm sure that they would indicate a wish to have done better.

So in the spirit of doing better and promoting better health I'm going to suggest the following.

There are 3 major organs whose function it is to eliminate and excrete the wastes that build up / accumulate in the body – viz; Lungs, Kidneys and Skin.

  • The lungs are like bellows – they need to be exercised – expanded – and filled with pure air. And in rhythm, they need to be deflated – allowing the build up of CO2to be removed. Therefore, make it a daily practice to engage in rhythmic and diaphragmatic breathing.
  • The kidneys filter the blood and remove accumulated wastes – excreting urea and ammonia. Animal products, alcohol and medicines are some of the ingredients that tend to alter the normally slightly alkaline factor of the blood stream and cause a high degree of irritation. Another factor that negatively impacts on the kidneys is the excess consumption of liquids. A natural plant based diet contains most of the pure liquids that the body needs – therefore we do not need to drink 8 glasses of water per day in order to 'flush the kidneys' – they are designed to function quite kindly on their own thank you .
  • And the skin – the body's largest organ – needs to be kept in good nick. Daily skin brushing, regular air and sun baths, combined with proper hygiene will ensure that this fine pig remains as an advertisement of your exceptionally good health.

Be abstemious with the Garbage In and give your body a helping hand with the Garbage Out.

All the best for your continued Health and Happiness,


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5 Pearls of Wisdom

This past week Katy's dad – Dr. Fred E. Adams – shuffled off his mortal coil at the ripe old age of 100 years & 8 months.

And in memoriam I would like to pass on a few words of wisdom from one who reached a milestone that unfortunately very few ever attain.

1. Fred was born into a 7th Day Adventist family in the early 20th C and as such did not eat meat until he was in his mid-twenties – a huge start in developing a strong digestive system. Work toward a plant-based diet for optimal health.

2. Fred practiced dentistry until he was well into his 70s – and we all know how demanding that can be. He had a habit of taking a nap in his office after lunch every day. This helped him get through his daily schedule and reinforced a strong nervous system. Conserve your energy at all times .

3. Fred was never happier than when he was helping others and so he made his occupation one of service – which reinforced his positive mental outlook. Be happy and know that nature never does anything to harm you .

4. Fred realized that through life we ​​are constantly faced with making choices / decisions. He oft-times reiterated to me that it is often necessary to 'step back' from a situation – to view it from different angles and take time to think before acting. – What one person has done – so may another. If you want to live a long, happy and healthy life – you can – there are many successful examples to follow .

5. Fred's father was fond of saying to his son – “The best is not too good for you Freddie boy” – Professor Edmond Bordeaux Szekely in his monumental work “Cosmos, Man and Society” coins the phrase 'Omnilateral Aristology' – meaning that we should take the best from all sources of goodness. I implore you to imbibe the best of all forms of radiations that sustain us on this planet – and in this manner you will accrue a value of health and happiness that is next to none.

His life was gentle; and the elements

So mixed in him, that Nature might stand up,

And say to all the world, THIS WAS A MAN!

William Shakespeare

Thank you Fred – for all your knowledge, wisdom and love.

All the very best for your health and happiness.

Kevin Hinton

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Germs and Deficiency

Everything has a cause and every cause has an effect.

It is left to the human species to be able to think in these terms – we reason from cause to effect – not from effect to cause – This is the inexorable truth of all phenomena

A cause is something that makes something else happen while an effect is what happens as a result of the cause.

If you are well there must be a reason or a cause – and – If you are ill there must also be a cause.

These statements seem so self-evident that it is nothing short of remarkable that so many people still regard health and disease as mysteries.

The dominant health philosophy of the 21C is in direct opposition to the law of Cause and Effect.

Disease is an effect – therefore it is necessary to examine all possible causes and remove them.

So – what are the causes of disease?

In the past, man thought that disease occurred as a punishment – a result of displeasure from the Gods. This punishment was meted out in the form of skin eruptions, boils, tumors, insanity, etc …

It was usually in the hands of the clergy to provide relief from any and all forms of disease – through prayer, the laying on of hands, spells, incantations, brews, herbs, poultices, crude surgery, etc.

The medical profession was nurtured by the clergy and slowly became a social order of its own.

As the understanding of human anatomy and physiology grave – so did the importance of the medics.

But it took until the middle of the 1800's for the medical profession to gain real control of the health and welfare system of the day – the day when Louis Pasteur offered the world the 'Germ Theory' as the cause of disease.

To-day – if you ask people “What is the cause of disease?” – Most will respond with some variation of the germ theory . The following is an extract from a Google search on 'germs' to give you an example.

“There are many different kinds of germs, but the four most common are: bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa. sore throats and cavities, viruses cause more serious diseases such as chicken pox, measles and the flu. ”

An offshoot of the germ theory is the “Deficiency Theory” which postulates that a lack of something – be it a vitamin, mineral or specific element – is the cause of disease and by administering the missing ingredient we will eradicate the disease. Many of the holistic philosophies operate within this philosophy.

Those delving into the psychology of disease will say that the mind causes disease – that we think ourselves into a state of disease and that we can conversely – think our way out of disease. This is called Mind over Matter and is best left in the hands of magicians.

Since the mapping of the human DNA – we are seeing that genetics is becoming the 'cause celebre' in matters of disease. This is ushering in a brand new era of research and development that will be going on for many years as science grapples with the unknown.

Within the genetic disorder syndrome lies the hereditary factor. If a member of your family 'has it' – you can and probably will 'get it' also.

And so – as of this writing, there are over 12,420 different diseases – (WHO 2007)

According to scientist Raymond Francis -… scientists working for pharmaceutical companies dream up names of new diseases and lists of symptoms every day of the year. This in no way means there are millions of diseases; only that they can now patent a chemical to be marketed as a panacea or “cure” for that targeted “disease” – that is, until enough people are harmed or killed by the drug and it is finally taken off the market. More than three out of four Americans have a diagnosable chronic disease

All in all – it's a terrible world out there with so many nasty things waiting to attack and lay you low – and if you believe this then you will welcome the support of the armament companies – no, not the army, navy and air force – but Big Pharma – the manufacturers of drugs designed to kill.

Medicines only have value as long as people have faith in them. If people stop believing, the spell is broken and they're worthless.

There is another cause for disease – one that remains on the shelf collecting dust – because it places the responsibility of our health back in our own hands.

It's called 'Toxaemia' or to complete your mental picture – 'poisoned blood.' This philosophy states that if the normal metabolic functions of anabolism (taking in nutrition and building up cellular tissue – and catabolism (the breaking down and elimination of waste and foreign matter) are interfereed with, then the health of the organism will be negatively impacted.

And so – faced with the choice of accepting one or the other of these philosophies – what do you do?

Be careful here – many people think that they can have a bit of their cake and eat it too – not so in matters of health.

It was Rudyard Kipling who said ” East is east and west is west and never the twain shall meet “.

Similar – medicine is medicine and health is natural. The two can never be merged because they are diametrically opposite.

If you are interested in obtaining more information about your health choices, I could do no better than to recommend that you have a read of our latest book – A Lifestyle for Health and Happiness – in which we present a simple but yet comprehensive overview of the cause of disease and how to obtain better health for yourself and your family.

(Available now – through our website or contact us by clicking on the email link at the top of the page)

All the very best for your health and happiness.

Kevin Hinton

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Reiki Attunement Experience – The Ultimate Reiki Journey

Reiki attunement experience is a lifetime experience which you will never forget. You will feel the great difference in your life style that you yourself will be surprised. I am going to share with you my Reiki attunement experience and my lifestyle changes after attunement. I have experienced both distant, in person and self attunement. I did not feel any difference and all were equally effective. So enough talk, let's get to the point.

Reiki Environment

During my first experience, My Reiki Guide and me were in different time zone. I was thinking how attunement will take place. My Guide told me to burn candles, play Reiki chant music prepared for attunement and sit on comfortable chair. He also told me to pray to Universal Life force to connect me with my Reiki Guide for sacred Reiki Attunement.

Journey Adventure

Now that was the point actual magic started. I felt some sensation on the head around Crown Chakra. I felt as if some warm light is passing through me. Soon I started feeling the same sensation in my hands back and knees. Soon I was almost in my dream and was falling the blue light in my dream. Some more images also splashed but I am not able to recall. I was totally involved in the process. One moment came during attunement that I felt that my hands and legs are frozen and suddenly I felt as if I am floating in the air. After sometimes, everything was normal with me.

After Attunement

I could not believe that I really experienced myself floating. Soon, I started feeling the effect of Reiki attunement. I was feeling the heat from my palms and was feeling very fresh.

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Getting The Most From Natural Healing

“If you're looking for the latest information on Getting The Most From Natural Healing then, pull up a chair and buckle down, because this is the article that you've been looking for.”

In this hectic world we're all part of now, it's important to understand what life should really mean to you and understand the world around you. With so much expected us of, there seems to be a new added pressure and some people have lost touch with the spiritual side and feel trapped in their own surroundings.

What's the best course of action?

Take a step back and look at what action you have to take. One of the best ways to create an inner peace and give you new motivation is through natural healing. One of the main ways to address this is through the ancient Tibetan method Reiki. This involves channeling positive energy in the universe and the Reiki Master acts as a conduit or a go between the universe and the recipient. This is an age old oriental technique and is still commonly used all over the world.

What are the benefits of natural healing?

People who have been involved with natural healing through the Reiki method, have experienced much more positivity in their lives and have increased levels of motivation and confidence. You should experience an inner calm and feel more complete and have a better sense of well being. One of the best attributes about natural healing is that, it does not focus on materialistic things and the greed factor and the main purpose is for any recipient to feel better and more at ease within them and this in turn should project more positivity to others and the universe in general.

The functionality of the Reiki technique is to bring mind, body and spirit together. We can all get side tracked at certain times in our life, but it's important to lose touch of reality and what should really matter and if we can feel better and more positive from the inside then, this should manifest itself on the outside and make the world a better place to be in.

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