Careful Happiness means to make you alert so that the heart related problems may not worry you and you can easily avert those problems. First of all take care to avoid fatty items, cold drinks, ice cream, alcohol, cigarette, sugar and last but obviously not least the salt. I know it is very easy to say but it is very hard to follow. Still it is your own effort to keep you healthy with Careful Happiness and hence you should try your best to find the way to Happiness at any cost.

Try to take low calorie food, take many items that contain fiber such as bread, vegetables. You may take 1000mg vitamin C daily. Vitamin C is essential to strengthen Heart so we need it daily to dodge heart attack. In the body of the beasts 5000-7000 vitamin C is produced, but in a human body there is no such scope so we need it from outside sources. In oranges, ripe papaya, guava there is enough Vitamin C hence I encourage you to take enough fruits daily for Careful Happiness.

It is also advised to take 200-400 mg vitamin C as it advances heart attack. It is known from a foreign source that if a man or a woman takes 100mg vitamin E for consecutive two years he or she may escape heart attack. On the other hand if there is shortage of vitamin C in the blood there is 70% chance of heart attack. If there is enough Cholesterol in the blood there is the risk 29% and the possibility at the presence of blood sugar 25%. Wheat germ and Sunflower seeds have vitamin E. But we can not have these seeds all the time. Here there is no other option than to take the capsules as per the advice of the doctor to buy Careful Happiness.