I am sure that every person reading this has seen a person practice the meticulous and methodical movements associated with the Chinese art of Tai Chi. There are many different moves that are associated with the different forms of Tai Chi.

Fortunately for most of us, we do not have to start our study of the basic Tai Chi moves at the difficult portion of the class. We can begin with the basics. Tai Chi is a discipline of gentle movements and those movements are so calm and quiet that it is possible for people of almost every age and physical condition to begin practicing them. If you learn some of the very basic moves involved in Tai Chi then you will be on your way to improving your health in body, mind and spirit

When you think of a martial art one of the first thing that should come to mind is how to breathe. As you warm up it is important to center your breathing so that you will be in a mentally relaxed state. A giant piece of mastering Tai Chi is to be able to breathe and control what is happening in your mind. Proper breathing will allow a person to clear their mind and focus on the energy inside of them or Chi. To breathe properly stand with your legs should width apart and place your hand on the lower part of your stomach. Then push in slightly as you breathe in and out through your nose. Breathe slowly and kindly as you feel your stomach move. If you feel no movement then push in a little bit harder.

In the same position you should stand while slowly bending your knees and holding your arms to your side with your palms open toward your body. Then you turn your right foot at a 45 degree angle and put your weight on it. It is then that you bring your left foot forward and put your heel down. Then bring your hands together in front of you and put your palms together. As your hands join form a circle with your arms and you have created one of the basic Tai Chi moves called paying respect to Buddha.

Another basic move of Tai Chi is called grass bird's tail. This move starts where the last one left off, and as you turn your right foot to a 45 degree angle you bring your left foot in close but maintain your balance. It is then that you have to make sure that your weight is even distributed across your body. Then take your hands and lower them to your left side. Then as you move your right foot in take your hands and get them in front of you with the palms facing away from you. While maintaining perfect balance and even distributing the weight between your feet, slowly push your hands forward while simultaneously stepping forward with your right foot.