The Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics have given to mankind a new paradigm of energy healing.

The AMA with all its deadly chemicals, surgery and machines is on its way out. It may take another 100 years but the new Age of Aquarius with its ruler Uranus will do the job for us. Every 2000 years there are great changes. This will be one of them.

Why will the AMA go? Because they have continuously gone against Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine who said:

“Hurt not your patient!”

There are many other painless techniques practiced throughout the world that work on the whole man and his energy through the mind-body connection.

Let's take a look at what some of the ancient healers had to say. Look at how often they point to the mind.

The 'prima axiom' is that health is the normal state of the body. We were born from a divine blueprint out of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God, to be healthy.

Why is health a stranger to the majority of mankind?

“Where do the miseries of the flesh”, termed by Labeo, the Roman healer come from? He said “ill habits of the body.”

Philo Judaeus said “Disease has its seat in and originates from intemperance and irascibilities (I like that word!) Of the mind.”

These ancient healers thought that the only true doctors should be philosophers who know how the heavens work. Pills and purgatives are powerless against these mental disquietudes which breed physical disorders.

The Egyptians believed that learning and knowledge are the chief disciples, for the truly rational man is master of most afflictions of the flesh.

Piccolo Ominean declared that wise men should be immovably imprisoned in moderation both in feelings and action. (Buddha's middle path.)

“ILL dispositions beget bad habits if they persevere” said Plutarch.

Christ said “it is not what you put into your mouth that poisons you.

Many will not admit that their temperaments work a hardship on the flesh.

But it does not take a rocket scientist to know that excess of passions burns up the body. Watching too much sexual, violent TV allows the excess of passion to enter your aura and burn you out.

The physical body exploited by the erroneous thinking of the mind may be reduced to a state of utter exhaustion.

“I always thought that it was my
Stinking drinking
That caused my stinking thinking.
But now I found out that is was
My stinking thinking that caused
My stinking drinking. ”

According to an ancient Chinese maxim the greater part of disease can be cured through moderation of the mental activities.

Many know that negative thoughts create illnesses. But what they do not understand is that since we are all connected in the fishbowl called humanity that the negative thoughts do not have to be your own. They can come from others, in through your aura and affect your physical body. TV is one of the worst offenders in causing illness in mankind. People sit there with their guards down and are soon hypnotized by what is on the screen and all the words, curses, images go into their auras. What you carry in your auras creates your reality.
Shut TV OFF!

The Chinese say “Disease if a physical manifestation of an inner disposition.” Your aura is your open doorway between your outer and you're inner. Protect it!

Since we are all souls who blinked out of the Infinite Soul called the Mind of God, we can name what an evil disposition is.

“It is a disease of the Soul caused by Immoderation”

Lemnius said, “No mortal man is free from immoderation.” That is one of our tasks; to become moderate in all things.

Buddha taught liberation from physical bondage is emancipation from all excesses of desires.

The happiness and health of the wise results from perfect co-regulation between the individual (soul) and the Universe (Mind of God) of which he is a part.

An evil disposition is any irascibility (there is that word again) by which the individual soul falls short of normal tranquility.

A perverted temperament springs from mental bondage to some unhealthy attitude (or TV show) or as the ancients termed it, an unreasonable passion or frenzy.

Thus the ancients have spoken! Is anyone listening?