Crystal Healers have been using this crystal for many, many years; Amethyst is a very versatile crystal and has many healing effects. It's been used in so many ways, and the result is always amazing.

* It is used for blood and breathing problems. To help breathing illnesses heal faster, along with any medications from the doctor, put an amethyst on the chest, between the lungs.

Dependent on the harshness of the illness, you are able to actually tape a stone in place with a band-aid and sleep with it.

* Amethyst crystal clusters are used to keep the air and vitality in the home clean and favorable.

* Amethyst clusters, points or various tumbled Amethysts laid in window that gets sun Most of the day are really beneficial to use in healing and to heal negativism in the home.
Place them in moonlight and everyone in the home will be feeling less agitated.

* Utilizing an Amethyst as a meditation center will expand the positive spiritual feelings.

* Amethyst helps defeat fears and cravings. It also helps alleviate headaches. Hold an amethyst stone in each hand when meditating. It's an excellent stone to achieve better meditations and visualizations.

* Place a couple of amethyst stones around the room where tempers may frequently be riled, like high stress occupations and business. It's a stone of peace and helps give love and happiness to all who use it.

* If you discover yourself addicted to anything and you're working hard on it, an amethyst stone may help. Hold a stone, ask it to remove the desire, and then draw strength out of the stone. It helps you get rid of all sorts of addictions.

* An Amethyst stone makes an awesome gift for anyone that works as a psychic or those that show psychic powers, as it helps increase all forms of psychic abilities.

* If you suffer from migraines, here's a simple crystal healing technique that has been known to help: Lie down and shut your eyes. Put an amethyst stone on your brow and attempt to relax and let the gemstone do its work.

* Historically, muscle and joint traumas like sprains have been helped to heal quicker by putting an amethyst inside an elastic bandage that has been worn around the wounded area.

* To make an amethyst stone elixir, put one or more amethysts into a clear glass jar full of water. Let the water sit outside in the moon light for the whole night. The closer to the full moon stage; the better the elixir will result. You are able to use amethyst water to help clear up blemishes and soften the skin. You may wash with it or use it as an ingredient in any cases or masks you might apply.