Chiropractic is a branch of the healing arts that believes that normally functioning nervous system is the key to good health and especially the spine and the nerves that connect the spinal to all parts of the body. Chiropraktikos is the Greek word from which “chiropractic” has been originated and it means the treatment by the hand. The ability of the body to adapt to its environment is the main problem and cause of many diseases that our body has to go through. This is what chiropractic believes and stresses on. It works by finding and adjusting the musculoskeletal area of ​​the body which is not functioning properly and does not believe in treating the diseases with the help of drugs and other chemicals.

There is a wide range of conditions and situations that the chiropractors treat and come across every day. There is a standard way of determining the problem of the patient and diagnosing him or her and then coming up with a treatment plan accordingly. Like any other doctor, doctors of chiropractic perform x-ray tests, consultation, physical tests, case history and laboratory analysis. Along with this, there is a chiropractic structural test which gives specific focus on the spine.

The difference between other health care procedures and chiropractic is that it examines the spinal to evaluate function and structure. The spinal column is a continuous series of bones that are movable and start from the skull and stops at the center of the hips. There are thirty one pairs of spinal nerves that runs down the spine and exit through some openings. After leaving the spine, the nerves form a complex network which affects all the tissues in the body.

There are many reasons and factors like stress, tension, overexertion, falls, accidents and many more that can result into a displacement of the spinal column and hence cause irritation to the roots of the nerves. Malfunctions in the body are caused due to these irritations. Reducing these irritation to the spinal nerves can help your body to operate in a more normal and efficient manner.

In order to promote mental and physical health, chiropractic focuses on exercise programs, nutritional programs and lifestyle changes. Usually, chiropractic does not involve the intake of drugs or chemicals but still when there is a need; doctors of chiropractic refer patients for medical care. As a matter of fact, physical therapist, medical doctors, chiropractors and other health care professionals work together these days in the fields of sports medicine, occupational health and other rehabilitation practices.