How do you manage spiritual growth? Not many people nowdays concern themselves with it granting that they are aware of its value. Yet, they should.

The spirit is the center core of your personality, your physical progress, and your success guide. It determines how you assess your place in asocial environment around you. It is also a tool that in a holistic manner affects your being. Spiritual growth impacts many areas of your life. So it is crucial to ensure and promote it.

How do you achieve spiritual growth?

One of the ways is to lead a mindful life. Mindful life is all about being observant of the surrounding with a degree of criticism, being compassionate to yourself, seizing and controlling one's own self and steering it to a certain desired “proper” way of life. The environment around you is a major determinant of our state of being, it determines aspects of the spirit including happiness, sadness, and general mood. For example, when stress seeks to overtake us, a mindful life dictate you take a spiritual control over the situation, viewing it as a passing cloud. Engross in it, be curious about it, derogable any valuable lessons from the experience and become better equipped to deal with similar cases in the future.

Thus, the fruits of a mindful life do not manifest themselves immediately but have a long-term effect. The continued observation of a mindful way of life advances mood change and raises levels of happiness and well-being; aspects that have a great positive impact on spiritual development. Scientific studies have proven that a mindful way of life assists in handling the stress level, anticipates the occurrence of depression and positively influencing the brain functioning.

Why is this so important?

Body and spirit are inseparable. If a person experiencing problems with his orleans or muscles it also affects her emotions and spirit and vice versa. That stress affects not only your mood but also your whole being, including your physical body.

A human nervous system has only one built-in mechanism that responds to stress. It is called fight-or-flight response. It came to us from a long time ago, when our ancient lived surrounded by wild nature. They had to immediately react to the appearance of a wild animal in their field of vision or hearing. In the moment of stress, adrenaline was thrown in blood; arteries constricted to raise blood pressure in order to deliver all nutrients to muscles. Thus our ancestor could make an instant decision either to fight or to run away.

Unlike the good old days, today sources of stress are different and there are many more of them. Back then there were no economic downturns, financial crises, and an intellectual pressure in final exams or even horror movies.

Whenever these events happen, modern human experiences stress. Although, she does not have to run away from a cave bear, her nervous system reacts exactly the same way – pump adrenaline in blood, constrict arteries and raise blood pressure.

Mindful life can reduce interpreting external irritants as something significant. As instances of depression, stress, sadness, and irritability are encountered, a mindful way of life helps to melt those stressors away. Thus, it can intercept a stress signal in its cradle, allowing a person to reduce its negative effects. However, this level of control can not be turned on and off. It's gained by practicing the mindful way of life.

Depression and negative emotions diminish the spiritual energy and serve to destabilize the stream of spiritual development. Mindful life reduces the influence of these occurrences. Many accidents, which other perceives by a person's consciousness as stressful, are perceived as a “passing cloud” by a mindful person, preserving to some degree the energy required for spiritual growth.

Meditation also advances mindfulness. Meditation is neither a cult nor nor it is limited to the Asian communities in Tibet, nor is it difficult. By employing simple short meditation, you can overcome any obstacles preventing a mindful way of life.

Meditating only a few minutes per day will change your life gradually. Let go of the constant restless thinking, practice yoga breathing, connect with nature, walk on the grass, swim in the ocean, and do various exercises. These activities will bring a spiritual balance into your life and give you a piece of mind.