Good post helps us to maintain good health and fitness. If you practice wrong head postures, then it can prove to be really harmful to your health in a number of ways. Forward head syndrome is a condition when your head is not properly aligned above your shoulders. This can lead to many health issues and problems. Your chiropractor can help you in understanding more about forward head syndrome and correcting the misalignment that ti causes.

When your spine and neck get out of alignment due to poor posture or some previous trauma, forward head syndrome takes place. Forward head syndrome happens when your chin and head sit forward of your shoulders. This syndrome makes you lose the normal spiral curve in the neck. It also puts a lot of weight and pressure on the neck and the back and can pose a threat to the spinal cord and brain stem. Pain and trigger points in the back, TMJ or Tempero Mandibular Joint Dysfunction, poor posture, fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal conditions, tension headaches, reduced range of motion, neurological issues, loss of lung capacity and vertebral subluxation are some of the disease and health disorders that can result due to Forward Head Syndrome.

There are methods by which you can avoid the condition of forward head posture. For example, you can pay attention when you stand or sit so that you have the right post where your knees, hips, ears, ankles and shoulders are all in a vertical line. There are some other ways by which you can avoid it like sitting up straight rather than keeping your shoulders rounded and making a hunked back, by not carrying a heavy purse or backpack on any of your shoulders and not looking down when using a computer.

A chiropractor will prove to be the best help in case you have the problem of forward head posture. In order to regain the normal day, the chiropractic treatment works by regaining the right posture of the neck and hence relieving the pain, muscle tension and the ligaments. Muscle rehabilitation and spinal adjustments can help bring about this change and increasing the strength and flexibility of the neck muscles. You should get in touch with your chiropractor soon because if ignored, this problem can become a serious one. If you have a good posture, it will not only make you look good but will also help you avoid health issues that can pose a threat in the long run.