The dialogue to follow is not about Oregano Marjoram, the oregano we commonly find on supermarket shelves; This variety has little therapeutic value. The article is about two other types of Oragano; Thymus Capitatus, a variety found in Spain and Origanum vulgare found throughout the rest of the Mediterranean. Either of these two varieties are the source of the medicinal oil. They are the wild oregano and they are found in the remote mountains regions; places without the pollution of more populated areas. The leaves and flowers of this perennial herb must be picked at the right time of year when the oil content is highest. The two plants have been used for centuries of years as medicine and as a spice. The ancient Greeks were first ones we know of that used the plant as a medication. The name Oragano most likely comes from the Medieval Latin word organum.

People who eat a Mediterranean diet in which oregano is used liberally often have a longer and healthier life. The pizza pasta and salads in this diet all taste great as well with the wild Oregano added. The oil is a good way to get vitamin A, vitamin C and the vitamin E complex; also contained in the oil is a good supply of calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium, copper, boron, niacin and manganese. Oregano is an effective antioxidant because of concentrated levels of phenolic acids and flavonoids. Lab tests have shown the wild herb to have a level of antimicrobial activity against some strains of the food born pathogen Listeria Monocytogenes.

Others Testimonials:

Hippocrates touted using oregano for a number of problems including stomach and respiratory ailments as well as an antiseptic. Dr. Cass Ingram wrote a book called “The Cure is in the Cupboard”. In one chapter he tells how he punctured his skin with a tailed IV needle and contracted a blood born fungus in the process; by ingesting Oil of Oregano he killed the infection which saved his life.

My Testimonial and Rant:

I have used pure Oil of Oregano on many occasions to cure common colds and the flu virus as well. As soon as the symptoms appear I take two or three drops of pure oil of oregano and using an eye dropper place the drops under my tongue (sub-lingual); the oil is quickly absorbed directly into the blood stream this way. The drugs effect will be felt in seconds as it moves through the veins killing the virus on contact. I keep the oil under my tongue for as long as I can stand; about two or three minutes as it has a very spicy and somewhat unpleasant taste but before spitting it out I can feel the symptoms of my cold receding. I repeat this procedure three times a day; the symptoms lessen with each use. After three days use the virus is gone. By the end of the second day the symptoms have disappeared but if you do not continue for the third day the cold and its symptoms may return.

I think oil of oregano and many other medicinal herbs are at best ignored by drug companies. In some cases I think these companies choose to suppress information because a natural product can not be patented. If a company can isolate the active ingredient in a plant that can patented that ingredient. They must protect the bottom line which is their profit margin. There is no reason and no profit in exploring the uses of herbs and other natural remedies. Using Oil of Oregano to cure colds is not what Pharmaceutical Companies want people to do because the cold and flu symptom relievers are big money makers. Why would they want to have people take a natural herb cure? No one would buy cold and cough medicine to relieve the symptoms of a virus if that virus could be eradicated cheaply and quickly with a herbal remedy.


Oil of Oregano is a strong natural antibiotic and should be taken with some caution. This drug should not be used by people who are anemic or pregnant. Do not take the oil as a daily supplement or on a long term basis unless under the care and advice of a health professional. If you plan on using Oregano oil orally it should be taken with a liquid such as milk, water or juice; alternately the oil can usually be purchased diluted with carrier oil such as almond, olive or flax. Oil of Oregano can interfere with red blood cells and iron absorption as well as blood flow so use the oil short term to achieve a desired goal then discontinue its use. Be aware Oragano is from the same family as mint, thyme, basil and sage; if you are allergic to any of these herbs you may be allergic to oregano as well. Watch for allergic and other adverse reactions even if the oil is used topically. If any symptoms such as skin rash, difficulty breathing or vomiting; you should discontinue use and visit your doctor if any symptoms are evident even if the oil is used topically.

When you go to your favorite Natural food or health food store to purchase Oil of Oregano there will be many brands and many concentrations of the oil available. You must discern what the concentration is of Oregano and the carrier oil. It would also be a good idea to find out the quantity of the active ingredients Carvacrol and Thymol that are in a diluted solution. I prefer to purchase pure naturally extracted Oil of Oregano. I can dilute it myself with olive oil if I need to.

A Vast Array of Uses:

Oil of Oregano can be used to enhance flavor – as a spice, a food preservative or a natural hair treatment. The oil will kill household germs on counters and in the bathroom. If used in a diluted solution it will help clear up many pet infections. As stated the oil is a powerful antihistamine for fighting colds, sore throats and any other viral bacterial infection. It can also be used on mosquito bites and as a mosquito repellent. The herb is as effective as any prescription drug in fighting colitis and inflammation of the gut normally without side effects of many prescription drugs. The oil will fight some types of parasites and bacteria that trigger unpleast gastrointestinal symptoms. The latest lab tests show that Oil of Oregano is beneficial to both the colon and liver. The oil will regenerate liver cells. The oil has been effective in fighting some cancers Research is showing that a common yeast infection called Candida is a relatively suspect in causing some forms of cancer.


One thing I would like to mention- is genetic manipulation If the drug companies change a gene then Organo or any other herb could be patented but that is another article or a book in itself

This incredible herb has many other uses than I mentioned; I could have written a novel on the subject of Oregano Oil .. If you are planning on trying Oil of Oregano I suggest research is a good idea on this unregulated and very powerful medication. There is a lot of information about the uses of Oil of Oregano on the internet. I would suggest starting at Wikipedia the free online dictionary you want to research the drug further.