There is a need to clarify what is not Reiki. Many people get a false impression of Reiki, and may even miss out on a great healing simply because they attend what is advertised as Reiki but is not. I hope the following list helps clear up most misconceptions.

  1. A Tarot reading given as part of the “treatment.” Tarot is definitely not, and has never been, part of Reiki. Additionally, the Tarot reading feeds into worry about the future, and this is in direct contrast to the fundamental Reiki Principle of “Just for today, do not worry.” Reiki empowers you to take control of your life and let go of fears.
  2. Crystals. Now, there is a corrected Reiki discipline called Crystal Reiki, and good healers trained in this technique will use crystals with their Reiki. This is totally different from a not-so-good healer suddenly bringing out the crystals when you arrive for a session, or even worse, when you arrive for a Reiki class. A good Crystal Reiki healer will always explain to you that they work with crystals, before you make the appointment. They will explain that the crystals are an added extra, making it clear what Reiki is.
  3. Aura reading. Many Reiki discriminates involve Aura reading as an optional extra. It, like crystals, is a nice addition, but do not expect it. Having your Aura read is not part of Reiki itself.
  4. Giving specific advice. Reiki is channeled through the healer and must not be affected by the healer in any way. A good Reiki healer may give you after-care advice, such as a Reiki Principal to say like a mantra, to drink water, eat more naturally, or consider your health more holistically. However, if a Reiki healer says something like “Burn a candle and throw salt into the flame,” or “You must leave your boyfriend” (unless the boyfriend is a danger to you or your family), that is definitely not Reiki.
  5. Massage. Reiki does not involve any massage whatsoever, and may even be totally done in the aura off the body, if that is your healer's preference. One respected Reiki discipline, Jikiden Reiki, involves a brief gentle tapping on the back at the end of the session, but that is not a massage in the usual sense of the word. Please see the next point for further clarification.
  6. Disrobing. If a Reiki healer asks you to disrobe when all you want is a Reiki session, get out and never go back. This is quite different from attending a combination treatment, however, of a massage followed by Reiki, in which case, that is OK and practical.
  7. Mediumship. Now, many Reiki healers work with spirit guides and may see people who have passed into spirit, but they should not volunteer this information unless you specifically ask, and only if they know how to do it responsibly. In some countries, there are laws prohibiting mediumship in this setting. It is best to go to a well-trained healer, if you want the addition of mediumship, and do not necessarily expect them to carry out this service or have this gift. Ideally, a visit to a trained medium is better for this purpose.
  8. Nutritional advice and selling of supplements. Without the Reiki healer is a qualified nutritionist or dietitian, or trained and qualified to give out supplements, they must not give you nutritional or supplements advice.
  9. Candles, incense, burning sage, etc. Any burning or perfume is not part of Reiki. Some healers like it, but do not expect it. If you do not want it, especially if for example if you have asthma, you can check and make your request known before making your appointment.
  10. Music. Most healers like using music, which you can opt out of using. Again, if you like it, do not expect it, as it is not part of Reiki, and may or may not be on offer.

That is purely a short list from my experience. A Reiki session is simply a treatment where the healer lays hands on or off you, whilst you remain clothed. It can balance your energy, helping you heal from within, for the Highest Good. Go to your Reiki treatment with an open mind and a willing heart, and the rest will follow. Let go of the extras, and if they happen and you want them, that is fine. Enjoy Reiki for what it is, pure and simple.