Serrapeptase – The Natural Healing Enzyme

Serrapeptase is a naturally occurring anti-inflammatory enzyme that is commonly being used for arthritis, to protect against heart disease, stroke and even helps better control over dental infections. Recent Japanese patents even suggest that oral serrapeptase may help treat or prevent viral diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis B and C.

It treats inflammatory disorders by not only fighting inflammation, but also by relieving pain and swelling, thereby reducing recovery time and stimulating the immune system. It is being considered as a viable alternative to ibuprofen and other over-the-counter medications. There is another benefit of using this natural supplement. Clinical studies indicate that unlike other medications designed to remove arterial plaque, serrapeptase does not interfere with the body's natural synthesis of cholesterol, which in its pure form is essential to proper organ function.

Serrapeptase plays an important role in wound healing and surgical recovery. Moreover, the healing takes place in a unique manner.

Research shows that these are the three ways in which Serrapeptase is thought to work:

1. It reduces infection by thinning the fluids formed from injury so facilitating the fluid's drainage which in turn also speeds tissue repair.
2. As a pain reliever, it helps alleviate pain by inhibiting the release of pain-inducing amines called bradykinin.
3. It advances cardiovascular health by breaking down the protein by-products of blood coagulation called fibrin thus enabling the dissolution of atherosclerotic plaques without causing any harm to the inside of the arteries.

Serrapeptase seems to be Nature's most potent and side effect free anti-inflammatory. In addition to speeding the healing process, serrapeptase is known to have anti-fibrotic properties, minimizing scar tissue formation.

It can be said that, Serrapetase is becoming a logical choice to replace harmful NSAIDs due to its lack of side effects and anti-inflammatory abilities.

Even though this enzyme has no side effects to an individual, there seem to be few risks involved in taking Serrapeptase, Reports show that if this supplement is used for a prolonged period by elderly people, it may produce gastrointestinal irritation, on a rare basis. In addition to this, individuals with a history of lung problems may be at risk of developing pneumonia and lung infections as Serrapeptase thins mucus secretions. Here, one should consult a medical professional before considering going for Serrapeptase.

It also has to be noted that the studies involving Serrapeptase generally do not extend over a long period of time. Therefore, the long-term effects of this supplement have not yet been determined yet. One needs to be little cautious and informed when using any supplement for that matter. While naturally derived supplements can be beneficial and safe, they can also be harmful if used carelessly or without consulting a medical professional.

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The Most Dreaded of All Biblical Diseases

You've seen it in the movies and it was terrifying. The most dreaded disease of Biblical times was Leprosy. We've all heard of the term “Leper Colony”. These were actual places where those with Leprosy were sent to live away from “normal” people. The Hebrew word for Leprosy and similar skin illnesses is tzara'at. Leprosy is rare today and is know by the name of the nineteenth-century doctor who isolated the microscopic cause of the ailment – Hansen's Disease. The Bible takes a very dismal position on Leprosy and Lepers. It considers them both physical and spiritual outcasts from society. When the AIDS first became an epidemic there was hysteria and great overreaction towards those with HIV and with full-blown AIDS. They were considered by many to be virtually untouchable. This hysteria was akin to how Lepers were valued in Biblical times even though many types of Biblical Leprosy were curable skin diseases.

A significant difference between Leprosy and other ancient diseases is that Leprosy was treated by the Jewish practices of the day, know as the kohen. Why? the fear of the Leper was so great that he was unwelcome in any community, even the community where the healers of the time, the early doctors, lived. It was only the spiritual leader who was able to care for the Leper, keep him quarantined from the community and help him back to health. Also, Leprosy was seen, (as was most illnesses of the time) to be a punishment from God for some wrongdoing. It was the job of the priest to figure out what terrible sin had been committed to make God angry enough to send this terrible illness. Before medicine evolved to understand the microbial cause of many illnesses, it was thought that illness was a form of punishment for immoral behavior and it was a teachable moment in redemption for the sick person.

The ancient Hebrew writings of the Talmud speak to a number of moral crimes that are punished by Leprosy. These include slander or libel, bloodshed, lying, incest, arrogance, robbery and envy. The role of the priest was not that of a medical healer as it was a security guard of sorts, who made certain that the Leper was kept under strict quarantine. The process for determining if the infected individual indeed had the dreaded Leprosy was based on waiting. The priest would look at the symptoms and see if there were the telltale signs of Leprosy, which included a white discoloration of the body hair in the area of ​​the skin infection. If the priest suspected Leprosy, the “patient” would have been placed under quarantine for several days. If the infection healed or there was no further worsening of the affliction, he was kept under quarantine for one more week. After that time the patient was usually pronounced to be healed and he was free to return into the community. Of course, if the condition worsened and spread, the person was thought to have a serious case of Leprosy and was kept isolated for an indefinite period of time during which he was expected to fast and to pray in order to win back God's favor and to become healed.

The book of Leviticus 14: 2-8 detail the ritual that was used to purify the person inflicted with Leprosy who was thought to be cured. The ritual carried three distinct parts. The first part was used to cleanse the home of the Leper and was done by the priest while the Leper was still under quarantine. The priest would prepare a mixture of fresh water and blood from a bird. These two elements were thought to have purifying qualities during Biblical times. Into the mixture the priest would dip cedar wood, crimson cloth, and a second live bird. The Leper's house was sprinkled with this preparation seven times. Then, the live bird was set free, symbolically carrying away the disease. The second phase of the purification ritual had the Leper washing his clothing, bathing and shaving. After seven days, the final phase of the ritual allowed the Leper to return to his home after once again bathing, shaving and washing his clothes. On the eighth day the Leper would bring to the temple oil and a sheep for the sacrifice offer after which the Leper would be allowed to return to work and become a regular member back into the community.

Leprosy Today

Leprosy is caused by an infection of Mycobacterium bacteria, which is a similar strain to the bacteria that causes tuberculosis. About 250,000 new cases of Leprosy occur each year. About 60% of the cases of Leprosy now occur in India, mostly in the Northern part of India. Following India is Brazil, mostly in Northern Brazil, in areas of more extreme poverty. Brazil has about 11% of the Leprosy cases. The rest are scattered around the world in Ethiopia, Nigeria, Mozambique, and Madagascar.

Leprosy is an airborne bacteria and the infection is contagious from the germs of an infected person being sent into the atmosphere by a cough or a sneeze. Leprosy is a very strong bacteria and can survive in an environment for up to a month, which is a very long time. Fortunately, most people have an immunity to this bacteria and will not contract the disease upon contact. The first signs of Leprosy is a loss of nerve function in the hands and feet. People will feel either a numbness in those areas of the body or feel a loss of functionality. One misconception about Leprosy is that your fingers and toes simply fall off from the disease. This is not true. What is more likely to happen is that these parts of the body become injured because of the loss of sensation and feeling.

Today, we have very strong antibiotics for treating leprosy. the primary antibiotic is Rifampicin, which is combined with other drugs for a long-term therapy which can list between 6 or 12 months. Rifampicin is only administrated once a month and the additional medicines, also antibiotics, are taken daily. The medication does provide a cure for Leprosy. However, the body provides its own response and inflammation can last beyond the treatment period and often has to be treated with steroid medications to bring down the inflammation.

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Introduction To The Sacral Chakra

Hello again! Now it is time to continue the journey through the chakras, and look at the sacral chakra.

The sacral chakra is located just below the belly button, and is associated with creativity and sexuality, and is to do with our appetite for both food and sex. When we are balanced here, we are in touch with our emotions, and are open to receiving and giving pleasure.

In her excellent book, “Eastern Body, Western Mind”, Anodea Judith talks about how as a society we are out of touch with our sexuality: sexuality is simultaneously magnified and yet at the same time returned. So, healing the sacral chakra is about reclaiming our right to feel, and to be in touch with those feelings.

The sacral chakra governs the sexual and reproductive organs, the spleen, and the urinary system. Imbalances in this chakra can lead to disorders of the reproductive system, any kind of menstrual difficulties or menopausal symptoms, sexual dysfunction, and loss of appetite – for food, for sex or extremely for life.

Balance in this chakra is exhibited in being in touch with emotions and able to express them, healthy boundaries, experiencing pleasure and graceful movement.

Healing the imbalances associated with this chakra is to do with learning to get in touch with feelings in a healthy way, and learning to be in touch with pleasure (in a healthy way.) Affirmations that are helpful here are to do with describing pleasure, being in touch with feelings and expressing them and enjoying life.

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can be very good for getting in touch with the emotional tone related to an experience. I have just seen time and time again with clients how working with the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) on an issue while talking about it leads to getting in touch with the underlining emotions, and releasing them.

Energy healing is also useful in a general sense for similar reasons. Talking about an emotional issue in the case taking, and then receiving hands on healing can lead to getting in touch with emotions, and releasing them. I have noticed as well that the process of receiving energy healing and practicing the Emotional freedom technique (EFT), either alone or with a therapist, leads to an increased ability to be aware of emotions, and fully feel them.

Specific types of emotional healing can also be helpful. An inner child healing, a past life healing or a relationship cord healing can go back to the original wounding and release the energy associated with it, leading to deep healing.

Other practices which I believe can be very helpful here are tantra and free dance practices such as five rhythms or biodanza. Tantra is a spiritual path that celebrates life and believes that all of life, including sexuality, is part of spiritual life. As such, it helps to foster a healthy, balanced attitude towards sex, and to reclaim our right to pleasure (in life generally as well as in a healthy sex life.)

Similarly, both biodanza and 5 rhythms dance encourage being in touch with emotions, and dancing them to different types of music – both on our own, and with partners.

Finally, the healthy balanced color connected with the sacral chakra is a deep orange, and the balanced sound is “OH.”

That's all for the second chakra – next time I will be taking a look at the Solar Plexus, the third chakra – to do with our sense of self, and our place in the world.

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If You Have Surgery for a Torn Meniscus: What to Expect

What procedure will be performed?

It is likely that you will undergo arthroscopic knee surgery, in which the surgeon shaves or cuts away flaps or tears on the meniscus, and may suture parts of meniscus back together. You will be under general anesthetic. The surgeon makes three very tiny incisions, and uses a “scope” or arthroscopic camera, inserted into the knee, to view the meniscus during the surgery. These operations are considered minor, and you are likely to be able to go home from the hospital on the same day.


Arthroscopic knee surgery can cost from $ 3,000 to $ 20,000. If you have limited health insurance or are planning to self-pay, it can be a good idea to ask the doctor, or call the hospital to ask in advance about costs of the surgery. If you are willing to pay cash up front because you are self-paying, your hospital may even give you a discount.

What to expect at the hospital

You will not be allowed to eat or drink anything on the day of the surgery. You will be asked to report to the hospital in the morning and will move through a series of checks and waiting rooms.

Do not be afraid to ask questions! Remember, surgery costs thousands of dollars, so you might as well take an active approach and get better value for your healthcare dollars.

You may be asked a lot of questions, and may even be required to answer the same questions several times. Try to relax and take things lightly, as it will not make things any better to get frustrated and stressed. You will also be asked to provide any medication allergy information for your anesthetist and nurses, and to confirm that you have not had anything to eat or drink.

You will likely be given a gas to make you fall sleep, and then an IV for the anesthetic.

The next thing you know, you will be awakened in a recovery room. You may or may not experience some pain at this point, and you might feel very thirsty. Nurses will make sure that your vital signs are OK, but usually are not yet allowed to give you water. Your knee will be bandaged, so you will not be able to see what happened.

The doctor will talk with you and whoever you bought with you about what she found, and may show you pictures of the inside of your knee from the arthroscopy. You will have a chance to ask hospital staff any questions you might have.

Questions to ask:

  • What should I plan to do for pain management? How long should I take these prescriptions?
  • What restrictions are there on my movement? How long should I follow these restrictions?
  • When will you see me for a follow up appointment?
  • What is the direct number I can call if I have any problems or issues arise in the next few days? What is your dedicated nurse's direct line?
  • Will I be doing physical therapy?
  • Is there anything I should know about how to properly use crutches?
  • How long do I need to keep this bandage on? What do I need to do to take care of the wound?

Tips for Recovery

If you do surgery, you can prevent infection at the site of the surgery by using an anti-bacterial oil such as DoTerra “OnGuard” as soon as you can around the area of ​​the incision after the surgery. If you can not get near the incision because of bandages, you can also apply several drops of the oil to the bottoms of your feet, where it will be absorbed into your bloodstream. This oil is thought to prevent MRSA, the drug-resistant form of staph bacteria that 1 in 20 patients contract in hospitals, and that has been show to be present in 3 out of 4 hospital rooms.

During your recovery, take some time to mentally reconnect with your knee. Many people experience fear of seeing the wound or fear of putting weight on their knee once it has gone through the trauma of surgery. By bringing your attention to sensations in the knee you can help it to recover faster.

It is likely that you will be encouraged by a physical therapist to move your knee to soften the scar tissue that will form at the incision sites. This is painful at first, but will get easier and easier as you go.

You can expect to need to rest after your surgery for at least two weeks. After that, your doctor and physical therapist will work out a program, probably about six six weeks in length, that you should undertake. This will involve strength and flexibility exercises and manipulations of the physical therapist.

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How Animal Communication Speeds Reiki Energy Healing, and Vice Versa!

I began my Reiki energy healing (now energy medicine!) Practice over two decades ago, I did not intentally focus on healing animals. But come they did, as their savvy humans knew that the same Universal Life Force that was treating them, would be effective to help their beloved companions. Of course, I was thrilled as my deep love for them made it a natural extension for me.

From applying the minority yet strong energy of Reiki, my intuition and understanding great about how to release emotional and physical pain and illness patterns in humans, I began to notice the same under patterns in animals.

Healing Animals is Unique

One difference in working with animals is that they do not have such a strong ego-mind attachment to holding on to the past as we do, and so they tend to release and heal much quicker, which is wonderful to witness!

Animals are more natural in their bodies so when blocked energies and emotions are released, there are often very visual signs that everyone can observe. For example, when horses, dogs and cats release, they will often display one or more behaviors like licking and chewing, yawning and stretching, fluttering or roled up or droopy eyes, twitching and spasms, and lots of tummy rumbling and fart bombs!

Combining Reiki and Animal Communication Rocks!

Imagine if you could know exactly what your animal is thinking and feeling on any given subject, and have the ability to respond directly to help them understand our love and caring. This alone is incredibly healing. Just think how it is for you to be fully seen and heard on every level, and how awesome and freeing that would feel.

Recently I worked with a terrier mix who had been living on the street, given birth to a litter very young, and had been abused before her adoption. She had layers of emotional and health issues, including some places where her spine and tail were quite crooked.

While applying Reiki, I was able to also tune in telepathically to the energy blockages, and receive specific information about the dog's perspectives on events. We were able to clarify some deaf emotions that she was having difficulty with around her pregnancy, and her time on the streets, and even the abuse. Interestingly, the graphic nature of her particular abuse was harder for her human to let go than than it was for her, which is often the case with animals.

Being able to speak for the dog, and having her person understand and respond immediately, allowed deep shifts to occur incredibly swiftly. We watched in awe as visible knots along her spine softened, her tail become straighter and more flexible and sometimes most dramatic and surprising, her eyes become brighter and changed color!

I witnessed that more of her Spirit, her true essence and energy, was now able to inhabit her body as the blockages created by the traumas were healing and releasing, creating more spaciousness, flow and comfort in her doggie form.

Witnessing this diverse transformation once again reminded me why I always combine Reiki healing with animal intuition, and I suggest that anyone who truly wants to offer healing to animals incorporated both animal communication and animal Reiki, as they are such magically complimentary modalities.

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Treatment for ME: The Good and The Bad

When my clients are learning the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), a question that often comes up is whether it is “OK” to go back to what we may call “bad” things in our lives in order to release and heal them. People fear, from what they know of positive thinking and affirmations, that focusing on the less positive or on the traumatic in an EFT session will bring more of that energy in that lives.And the answer from my perspective is “yes” it is beneficial to go back to these issues using an energy therapy like EFT – and for a number of reasons.

To explain why, I will start with a short explanation of the Emotional Freedom Technique. As many of you will know, this is a simple yet very powerful therapy which involves tapping on various parts of the body where the main acupuncture points are located. Tapping on these points while being in touch with the “problem”, issue or trauma leads to the energy field and body releasing these issues. And as we release those issues, we gain freedom from emotional and physical problems.

This is, of course, appears quite different from received wisdom around focussing on the positive and affirmations. For some people, learning EFT for the first time, it can be a relief to be able to finally “admit” that things are not so easy for them, and to be able to finally say out loud that some of the things that have been “sticking” them from the past. And, as they do this, they can let go of these things and come into more positivity.

For other people, it can be more complicated. I find that if people have been reading a lot about focussing on the positive, or the Law of Attraction, they can be related to tap on what they are finding difficult, fearing that by saying it out loud and “admitting” it, they can be bringing it into being.

In my experience, the opposite can be true. EFT gives us the opportunity to bring out into the open the things that are holding us back in the present, and “clear” them. Tapping on these particular points while talking about the issue allows the energy field and the physical body to release and move on.

And this contrads with affirmations. Sometimes, with affirmations, we can be forcing ourselves to say them, almost through scratched teeth – and as we are saying them, part of our mind is not agreeing with them, doubting them, or even sabotaging ourselves. You know the voice in your head that can say “What! You're kidding yourself – you're not happy or you're not energetic -” – whatever it is we are focussing on.

And here is the problem with affirmations or positive thinking – even as we are affirming or forcing ourselves to think the positive, we can be appealing the opposite if this is where our energy is with the voice of doubt and self sabotage.

Having said all that, I completely understand why some people may not want to go back to difficult events – particularly those that involve physical or sexual abuse (although I also know these techniques work very dynamically with this kind of trauma.)

In these cases, there are two other possible ways of working with energy techniques. Firstly, it is possible to work with positive or “good” energy. For example, it is possible to work in EFT with the positive things people want to bring into their lives. Tapping whilst in touch with the positive strengthens the positive – and in my opinion most likely “clear” the difficult stuff which is there in our minds as we talk about the positive (thus solving the “problem” I mention earlier with affirmations.)

And secondly, it is possible to work in a way that I call “unspecific”. The latest healing technique I have trained in, Access Consciousness, the Bars, is very good for working non-specifically. It is a hands on technique where by holding various points on the head, it is possible to release what is no longer helpful to us – often without even being cognitively aware of what is holding us back. I am finding this a very powerful healing technique that people really enjoy receiving as it is so deeply relaxing.

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Louise Hay Is One Amazing Lady

Louise Hay is one of those rare people whose presence fills a room and everyone in it with an abundance of energy, love and peace.

Born in 1926 to a poverty-stricken mother, Louise Hay's early years as a child, adolescent and young woman were filled with feelings of low, if non-existent, self-esteem. By her own account, she was a lost soul until she found the Church of Religious Science where she learned that if you change your thoughts patterns, you can actually change your experiences in life. She became fascinated with the subject and completely turned her life around based on the principles she learned. She is living proof that someone can change their life through their inner thoughts and the words they repeat to themselves over and over again.

She became a popular speaker and leader of workshops at the church and people really resonated with her style of teaching. When Louise saw how people let their hurtful pasts and illnesses control their lives, she made a promise to help them see that their health problems and mental stresses were formed from their own negative thoughts about themselves. At this time she wrote a little blue pamphlet wherein she described how negative mental patterns and beliefs could be at the root cause of illnesses or “dis-eases” in our bodies.

Louise realizes that her messages are so simplistic in nature that they can sometimes be hard to grasp, but the main message that she wants to share is: “The body, like everything else in life, is a mirror of our inner thoughts and beliefs. Every cell within your body responds to every single thought you think and every word you speak. ”

She printed 5,000 copies of the first book she ever wrote called “Heal Your Body” on a copy machine and made it into a little blue booklet that she had to people to help them heal their lives. In 1984 at the age of almost 60 she started her own publishing company called Hay House Publications and published “You Can Heal Your Life” which has been translated into almost 30 different languages ​​and to date in 2013 has sold more than 35 million copies around the world.

There is now a movie about her life, teachings, and philosophies which is called “You Can Heal Your Life” The Movie. It is narrated by Louise and it is basically a story about her journey and how she applied the principles she taught to her own life and how it made her who she is today. She is a beacon of light in this world and the inspiration to millions.

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Why You Need to Refine Your Soul Agreements

In the last article you received several ways to more successfully manage your energy so you do not take on other people's “stuff” eg negative thoughts and emotions that can make you feel drained and confused.

Another crucible element in managing your sensitivity to other people's energies, thoughts and emotions may need to be addressed. You may not be aware of it, but everyone comes into this life with certain “soul agreements” or beliefs, that relate to your purpose and passion. For me, it has always been a clear theme to “help” people, first as a legal aid lawyer, then family and youth counselor, AIDS hospice work and eventually as an intuitive energy healer with a passion for helping animals.

Although I was very passionate about each of these roles, I often felt overwhelmed with the extent of suffering I witnessed and felt there was never enough of me to go around. I really hit the wall right before four hurricanes hit Florida in 2004. I tore my rotator cuff, and putting up shutters was excruciating. Then it became totally frozen and I could barely move my arm.

You know it is really bad when several chiropractors even recommended surgery! I did not feel ripping it open was the way to heal, and I decided I needed to go much deeper into energy healing. I bought out a lot of help from different healers, and it has healed completely.

One of the wonderful insights that came out of that challenging time that I had no awareness of was that I had a “soul agreement” to “heal Mother Earth and feel all of her changes, and heal anyone I come across, including animals.” Which explained a ton about my work with the animals, crystals and my deep connection to nature. During the hurricanes I kept saying that “it feels like they are happening inside me.” I was a wreck … imagine how small one person is and how huge the planet is. What was I thinking ??

While this agreement was very specific to me and my role, often with all intentions we create very broad sweeping intentions or agreements like this one and then wonder why we are feeling so overwhelmed. This is why it may be very helpful to refine your big why or “soul contracts.”

If you do not have a clue what they are, look at your life. What is super important to you? What them runs through everything you are drawn to? But even if you do not have the specific clarity, you can work more generally to up level your agreements.

Set new clear general intentions

The ratione here is that your original beliefs or intentions may have been too broad or without healthy boundaries, making it difficult or even impossible to accomplish them effectively.

1. Declare: “I only work with energies that are for my Highest Good”.

This simple yet strong intention will help anyone who deals with people and their problems or illnesses so you do not unconsciously feel that you need to “share” anything or run the energy through your body in order to help.

2. DECLARE: “I learn through my wisdom and knowing.”

Was it necessary for me to feel four hurricanes in great detail? While my intuitive feeling helped me know they were coming so we could prepare, I really was not any good to anyone immobilized in agony. This intention has helped many empathic intuitive like me shift into learning more directly without having to “experience” everything. Now my “feeling gift” is only there to support my knowing; once I acknowledge it consciously, the feeling dissipates.

How to Refine Your Soul Agreement

While you can not really change a core soul contract, you can refine and up level how you accomplish it so you can expand your impact. Since everyone's may be slightly unique to them, the best way I can explain it is to give you the example of how I completed this.

For instance, my core agreement is to be a catalyst for transformation and healing. Yet the dramaticatic hurricane experience showed me that I had made it way too broad, and without any healthy boundaries for my own physicality. I was not very efficient or effective if I was constantly feeling everything and getting drained. And I was not teaching anyone “to fish” if I went to Wal-Mart and brave my healing energy away to everyone and they never ever asked, and certainly would not know how to empower themselves if I continued in that way.

So I installed a new more refined SOUL AGREEMENT: “I continue to teach and heal more effectively and efficiently so I can serve more people (and animals) that really want and value what I have to offer.” So many aspects shifted and wonderful opportunities appeared in my practice it is too numerous to mention; yet I can tell you to get ready to have your mission and purpose super-sized in surprising and amazing ways!

Next: Part V: Claiming Your Super-Power! How you Can Use Your Sensitivity to Great Advantage

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The Base Chakra Part 2

Hello again! So, I am writing about the base chakra again. Last time, I wrote about the properties of a balanced base chakra, and also about the types of issues and conditions that can occur when the base chakra is out of balance. This time, I would like to write about how to balance and heal the base chakra.

Healing the base chakra means re-establishing a healthy connection with the earth. Being outside, walking barefoot on the earth, gardening (or even looking after indoor plants, particularly if it involves touching the soil they are growing in), chi kung, tai chi, yoga, swimming, dancing, shaking the body, tree hugging, and receiving massage are all very useful for rebalancing the base chakra. Affirmations that may help are to do affirming that it is safe to be here, and that the earth and universe support and nourish me.

I know that I can have a tendency to disconnect from my roots; conversely I know how nurturing the feeling of heavy, solid, “safe” earth energy flowing in my body can be. When I was first at the School of Energy Healing, and learned chi kung, I used to stand in the basic grounding post of wu chi for 40 or 50 minutes every morning. I intuitively knew on some level that I needed to invite in as much earth energy as I could, and re-establish that healthy connection with the earth that I had somehow lost. I am sure this contributed hugely to my recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome (ME)

Similarly, since I have been here in Hebden Bridge, I have really felt the need to connect with the land round here, in order to literally “root” myself in my new environment. I have been outside a lot, which has been great, but I have needed to actually get my feet on the earth. Fortunately so far it has been good weather and comparatively mild – but it feels so good I intend to carry on doing it even in the winter!

Energy healing and reiki can be very good for grounding, and bringing someone energetically back into their body; at its most basic level energy healing and reiki are about loving touch, and that can create the feeling of safety and nurturing that someone needs to fully inhabit their body energetically.

Energy Healing and the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) also has a lot to offer in terms of healing the issue that led to the lack of grounding in the first place. Typically, this is very early on in an infant's development, from in the womb to one year old. It's also possible that there are inherited fears to do with survival that have been passed on from generation to generation (eg to do with the holocaust, famines or other disasters) which energy healing and / or EFT can also help to heal. So, an inner child healing, a relationship cord healing or a past life healing can be powerful in these situations.

Color healing and sound healing can also work on balancing each chakra. For the base chakra, the balanced color is a deep red and the balanced sound is a deep “OH” that comes from the base of the spine. As a healer, I hold the balanced vibration of either the sound or the color (or sometimes both) which inserts the client's chakra to come into a balanced place.

This rings to an end the discussion of the base chakra; next I will look at the sacral chakra, which is mainly to do with issues of creativity and sexuality.

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Untimely Animal Death: Katrina Victim or Victor?

I will be forever changed by a little rat terrier named Lola, who shared with me such a brief but potent teaching. Anyone who has ever lost an animal dear to them, ever felt guilty about it, ever absent desperate days on end searching for a missing animal, ever rescued a terrified neglected animal, ever wondered who these animals angels were, ever needed hope in the darkest of nights, then this story is for you.

The moment I laid eyes on her I knew she would break my heart. I also knew she was very special. Her name was Lola, and her rescue mommy brought her to me during a brief Animal Communication session at a local pet store. She was rescued from Katrina hurricanes, after several temporary stops. She shared with me that she had been in a puppy mill, with up to 50 other dogs, with very little human contact. Lola lost her first litter in the flooding, and became near feral, she explained. The other dogs in her new household cave her a very hard time too. She was quaking, hiding behind the bench, and would not make eye contact.

That is, until I began to speak to her person about how intelligent she was, and how she understands much more than you would think. I suggested she speak firmly to the other dogs of Lola's trauma, and tell them they need to be more patient with her as she is NOT crazy, she just had a hellish life so far.

At that, Lola whirled around and made eye contact with me, staring, as if to say, 'O my gosh, she GETS it! She knows I am not crazy or stupid, just scared. “I had her attention. I went on to explain how Lola's terror of the woman's husband was not personal; of the house. “Her fears were intense, and she needed lots of time and patience to work through them bit by bit.

The next day I received this email after our brief encounter: “We've had a major breakthrough after our session with you yesterday! I was still in bed, Lola sat under my husband's desk, put her head in his lap, and let him pet her! She has lived with us for 5 months without ever letting him touch her. ”

I knew I had to work with this one personally. There was so much to do to alleviate her fears, as she had almost given up on humans. Lola came eagerly to my house several times with her person, and we did healing work together, and hung out. Her new “mom” said Lola recognized my name when asked if she wanted to come to my house, and fearlessly approached my door and came in, which was completely unusual for her.

So, it seemed only natural for me to extend a week long visit when her mom had to travel north to care for a hospitalized friend. The first day with me she was glued to a corner near the door, shaking. By day two, she was beginning to relax and allowed me to walk her without a fuss. That night we had a major breakthrough. Lola came toward me, letting me pet her and snuggling next to me! She even came into the bedroom with my partner and slept under the bed. We were really encouraged.

Then disaster struck-the retractable leash slipped out of my hand, in a strange kind of conscious slow-motion, and smacked into her butt. Off she vaulted and within seconds she was out of view. I spent the next four hours inching my way painfully through the densest bramble thicket imaginable.

Lola knew how to survive, and was spotted crossing a 4-lane road and stealing food out of dumpsters. But she would not let anyone get near her. I struggled for days with tremendous guilt and sadness, having just lost my own dog a few months earlier. Each night after searching for Lola, I would send Reiki healing energy to her. Yet I could not communicate with her at all, which was very unusual.

By the 5th night, both my partner and I finally made a connection. Lola's presence filled the room, and the only way I could describe it was a very large and angelic being, with very soft, but wise essence. She stayed long enough to ease our worry, and to comfort us that there is a Divine Plan operating, which we could not control.

Early the next dawn, I received several calls of sightings, and dashed out the door without even brushing my teeth. I spoke to several police who also had reports of sightings. At one point I even practiced a glimpse of her at an intersection.

Little did I know it was the closest I would come to her again.

Three days later I wrote this final report to the growing number of friends who were on the lookout: “I am afraid that the lost doggie saga didnt end the way we wanted. Late Sunday night she was hit by a car and died of complications. Thank you all for holding her in your prayers, and for your effort in driving around.

After hearing she did not make it, we meditated and I asked to connect with Lola's spirit. This time instead of feeling her Presence standing in the room, like we had the other night, I felt her wrapping around me in an embassy, ​​very deep and poignant. Lola, the little rat terrier, was, and is, an amazing being. I hope this message helps you as it did me. ”

Lola's message from spirit:

“I am an angel of Light

You recognized my intelligence, my sensitivity, my purity

For that I am ever grateful

It has truly freed me from the bondage of the body.

C and B (rescue parents) were with me 100% when it counted

And never brave up on me

I do not know how to thank you all for helping me to complete my mission-my journey ”

(I asked what that was)

“To heal, perpetual trauma. To Love, perpetual pain. To forgive, constantly blame. To Heal … to Whole. I become Whole when you loved me.

You reminded me who I was. What I could be. Love and understanding freed me from the karma of the flesh – I could return to Spirit – mission accomplished. I want everyone to understand what you understand when I presented my true self in your living room. That all is in Divine Order. That beings are not limited to the form they choose. That comings and goings are much easier, and much more complex, than you imagine.

It is all laid out ahead. Events, timing, even difficulties. We choose our difficulties with great care, for the gems that hold within. In Spirit we celebrate the difficulties with the victories. There is no difference – for they all bring us to the Knowing, to the Oneness.

My journey has touched many people, you do not even know how many were looking and praying for me. This is the REAL story. Not a missing puppy, not a dog hit by a car, not a leash that slipped, not even a “Katrina” victim. These are all incidentals to the divine mission I took on, and by the way, completed. I had to bring people together, in small ways, and in big ways.

The police even took time to look for me – the POLICE! – for a missing doggie. People you do not even know about drove around, put up flyers, prayed, connected in their concern. Others saw me as a survivor, not a victim, not starving, but running fast and strong. You see, perceptions changed. In small ways, and in big ways.

Kumari saw my true self, and as a result I was able to give her plenty – remove sadness and pain from her own recent “loss”; lessen her guilt and feelings of over-responsibility for things well beyond her – or any human's – control. For this she will be forever changed – forever grateful – and much more capable of doing the work she was sent to do, without the burden of misunderstanding life and death, and her role in preserving nothing. But simply and heroically I might add, seeing things as they truly ARE, seeing TRUTH and sharing this so others may understand their true nature, their divinity, their special mission here on this planet.

And that is Enough. Enough for any life. I had enough – Life. I had enough – Time. Enough – Love. In one drop of C's tears, enough Caring. And enough – Sadness. It is not time for sadness. It is time for celebration. I return Home – joyfully and with great pride. Mission accomplished. More than was speculated. I am very pleased.

From my vantage point, this life was a great success. I know this is hard for you to forgive, especially right now as you grieve the loss of the One you knew. But I am not that one only-four legs, soft fur, sad eyes, etc. And I am not even the story-Katrina victim, puppy mill, runaway.

I am the Light of God shimmering in Divine Dogness one moment,

and in a flash,

I am Sunlight,

I am golden rain pouring down to soothe the hot brow of Mother Earth,

I am a dancing star.

I am … You. ”

It was true what she said about relieving my guilt; there was such Peace in her and such wisdom in her perspective, I felt washed clean of the guilt that my slip-up with the leash had caused her death. Although I do become saddened, I have never felt the depths of guilt and despairs the same since meeting Lola.

“Well that's the way that I want it to stay

and I always want it to be that way for my Lola …

LOLA Lola …

“It's a mixed up muddled up look up world except for Lola

LOLA Lola ”

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How Life Force Leaves the Body

TRANSITIONS: A Time of Increased Intuition and Spiritual Gift

PART III: How Life Force Leaves the Body

While I prefer to teach about how energy healing has been successful at restoring bodily functions (aka life), I thought it might be helpful to share my observations of what happens during transitions. As an intuitive energy healer I have a unique perspective to describe what I sense during these often confusing times. Hopefully it will guide and support those of you who go through this yourself, and wish to be more aware of the minority clues.

When I offer Reiki to someone who is ill, at times I have noticed that the life force, or prana, or subtle energy that permeates the body, is not flowing in certain areas. After a session of applying Reiki, generally the flow returns. Exception when it does not. This is often a sign that transition is happening and the life force has begun to release from the body.

I first noticed this when I was giving Reiki to a dear grandmotherly friend of the family. She had fallen ill and my mom asked if I would help. When I applied Reiki, I noticed there was no energy flowing at all from her root chakra at the base of the spine down her legs. Instead I felt a huge channel of energy connecting to the center of her body and flowing upward.

I applied Reiki for more than an hour and her flow did not change. Instinctively, I knew her life force had withdrawn from her feet on up to her belly, and also noticed her kidneys had shut down.

Without revealing my concern about her dying, I made sure she saw her doctor and she was admitted to a hospital immediately. It took them weeks to diagnose that she had kidney failure. I visited her often and she requested Reiki each time, as it seemed to be her only comfort as her body shut down. Even my mom, who was not into Reiki at the time, could see the tightness in her face relax as she drifted off in relief.

It was such a clear demonstration of what happens to the prana in the body during transition that it helped me to identify this process in others. This same experience has borne out many times to give me a heads up that a person's or animal's spirit is preparing to leave what one spiritual master referred to as “central jail” (aka the body).

Feet First

My spiritual teacher taught that the life force will make its final exit out the head or crown chakra in a “good death”. I have observed this many times in the AIDS hospice and in my practice – prana always looks to loosen its grip starting from the feet and releasing upward till it exits out the head.

Another way I have experienced transition cues is the ability to ground someone's energy into the Earth. I once was treating a man long-distance who had lapsed into a coma. I tried many times to connect his root chakra with his grounding cord to help him to pull up some Earth energy into the lower part of his body. No matter how many times I visualized his grounding cord, it would not seem to stay connected to the Earth. He transitioned that evening.

When mom was in the hospital we gave her reiki several times. At first I noticed that her life force was not flowing much below her lower belly around the second chakra. The next day Western medicine was giving us very mixed reports, as some indicators were improving even while others looked worried. However, when I checked again her energy was removed up to the solar plexus or third chakra.

The following day she had difficulty breathing, and when my partner and I applied Reiki we both felt her energy had released all the way to her throat. She transitioned very shortly after this experience.

Even so, some of her organ systems seemed to be improving so the doctors continued to treat her, and of course we were all expecting for a turnaround. Many times there is a burst of energy right before transition and it fools us all. The prana collections for one final hurrah as it takes energy to exit the physical form, and it is often mistaken for a physical improvement.

Animals demonstrate similar transition processes

Animals also have life force flowing through their bodies and it also takes a similar path as they transition. Sometimes I have treated pets that are having difficulty in their hind end. Most often it is a structural issue, when joints and musculature is weakening. However, there are occasions when none of the joint supplements seem to be working. This can be because the life force is leaving the body starting with disconnecting from the hind end. It may take months for the prana to leave completely, or it can be much quicker.

Helps to Prepare Us

Often both animals and people sense this shift and begin preparing long before anyone else realizes. My mom had many prophetic comments that she was leaving soon now that we look back over the past several months and compare notes.

My mom maintained a great sense of humor, and expressed a boatload of gratitude as she anticipated her Finale in form. By the time my entire family had gathered at the hospital, she was quite exhausted and deteriorating rapidly. When the final family members arrived, my two young nephews from Atlanta, she perked up briefly for their visit.

Then she whispered hoarsely something unintelligible. I moved closer but still could not decipher it. I placed my ear to her lips and finally understood what were to be Mom's last words: “Say goodnight Gracie!”

PS … Do not despair! Coming next: Transitions Part IV: Taking Flight. Mom and others describe the Bliss of the Spirit Journey.

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How You Can Use Energy Healing for Any Situation

Most people think of energy healing being applied to a person for physical or emotional relief. In Reiki Level II you learn to do distant healing to a person, do mental / emotional healings and even send healing to any situation. As everything is energy and has a unique frequency, when difficulties arise, applying a higher frequency energy like Reiki can dissipate and release the lower denser vibrations of the problem.

So even if you are not able to work with someone else as they have not agreed to a Reiki session, you can send healing energy to uplift and harmonize your situation with that person. For instance, if you are having difficulty with a colleague at work, you can personally send Reiki to heal your situation with that person. You set it up just like you would a long distance healing session; except that instead of directing the energy to a person's body, you are directing it to a particular situation.

What if someone is involved who does not choose Energy Healing?

Inherent in the Reiki situation healing protocol is that you are sending Reiki for the “highest good of all” for that situation, rather than trying to get someone to do something specific or for a particular result. This results us from trying to influence a specific action from another person which could seem to be manipulative.

For instance, wanting someone to fall in love with you would be a specific result that may impinge on someone else's intentions. However, if sending healing to your relationship with someone who is not interested in receiving Reiki, the results can still be very positive as the healing energy helps to clear out negativity or resistance on a very deep level. Reiki is Universal Life Force and feels very loving, so who knows what may happen.

I have many instances where I have been asked to send Reiki for situations such as finding employment, getting into medical schools, or resolving difficulty in marriages that seem irreparable. The results have been nothing short of miraculous. Students got into the medical schools of their top choice; marriages about to dissolve are rekindling; finances turn around and jobs pop up.

Situation Reiki offers detachment and peace

I also find another valuable benefit from situation healing with Reiki -as the practitioner begin to work with ki or life energy in this way, you find that you become more accepting and softer to opportunities that may have been unacceptable earlier. Aligning with “Highest Good of All” helps us to take a step back and stop trying to micro-manage the universal play of consciousness. It offers a deep peace that you are doing your best, and making the highest possible offering to that situation.

Personally, I began on my healing quest when my father became ill and died of cancer. I felt a deep sense of wanting to do more to alleviate pain and suffering. Shortly afterwards, I met my first spiritual teacher, and then learned Reiki. I knew I found my path. A few years later I worked in an AIDS hospitality and was present at too many deathbeds, yet I knew I was now able to offer my best through Reiki and I no longer felt that feeling of “not doing enough”. Not everyone recovered physically. But I felt quite different. Finally, I felt some peace with what I could give in those situations, and was able to be more detached about the specific results.

Situation Healing with The Rays of Creation

The Rays of Creation are another amazing technique that can be applied to shift a particular situation. It is a body of work I learned from Jim Self in Mastering Alchemy and has more specific applications.

The Rays of Creation are not merely beams of light but huge blocks of energetic consciousness with multiple applications, much like large corporations with many departments performing multiple functions. There is a need to raise your vibration in order to access their power.

Here it is more important to be clear in what you are choosing to co-create or manifest, and also what pattern or experience you are wanting to release and replace.

As in Reiki, there is a protective aspect within one of the Rays, which represents the Will of the Creator. As you set up the co-creation, you always align with the Will of Creator for you and this new intention, so that if you ask for something that truly is not in the Highest Good, you are covered.

Unfortunately, there is only so much one can write about energy healing. It is not just a concept that you can “know” from the rational mind. There is no way around the fact that you really do have to experience the tremendous possibilities for yourself.

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What to Do When Transformation, Healing and Manifesting Don’t Seem to Last? Part II

My virtual assistant wanted to bring her family from Canada to Florida so she could attend my last Quantum Creating retreat. She just bought a new house and did not have the cash flow needed. When I asked her how much she required, she said $ 2,500. I felt that was not enough to do it comfortably, so we upped it to “$ 5,000 or greater.” Then we did a brief session with the Rays of Creation technique to clear the obstacles to manifest the thousands of dollars that she needed to receive to pay her bills and make the trip in two weeks.

It came in quite an unexpected way. A few days later she was overjoyed her “magic money” appeared in her PayPal account, from a dispute with a client who owed her money that she lost in 2004! A client refused to pay for her services, and PayPal agreed with the client and she was not able to collect the fees. Then PayPal did a review-8 years later- and determined that she should have won the dispute and deposited over $ 7,000 in her account! She transferred it immediately and began paying bills, but due to her infant getting sick and other obstacles did not make the trip.

Then fortunes began to reverse. PayPal changed their decision once more, locked her account and told her she now owes them $ 7,000! But instead of panicking, and slipping back into the feeling of “it was not meant to be”, she observed several things in her thinking patterns that needed adjusting.

Change Your Thoughts, Feelings & Actions Not in Alignment with your Goal

So she shared some of her thinking and actions that may have affected her manifestation. She observed that she was referring to the windfall as “magic money” as there was a sense of unreality about it even though she had talked to PayPal and transferred the money. She had trouble believing it was really hers.

Secondly, Erin did not come to Quantum Creating, which was her stimulating goal for asking for the money to begin with. Her family situation affected her decisions, and her heart's desire to attend the retreat for herself got pushed to the side. She owned that she could have decided differently, and felt more alignment with the original purpose of the abundance.

And thirdly, she knew for years that she wanted to set up her own merchant account for her business, so when PayPal blocked her account she was forced to do just that. Instead of walling in self-pity or feeling like a failure, she maintained a positive attitude, stayed in a place of growing in awareness, and took responsibility for her thoughts and underlining feelings of doubt and procrastination. She was in acceptance of the learning experience and “taking it well”. Perhaps too well.

Learn from Wisdom and Knowing Directly

So I coached her not to give up just yet. I empowered her “do not assume you deserve to lose the money just to learn these things-make the intention to learn from your wisdom and knowing; rather than from direct experience. intention to come to Quantum Creating and receiving those tools. Be grateful for getting motivated to set up your merchant account. Continue to pursue PayPal; it was your rightful fee years ago anyway so claim it. ”

AND IT WORKED! She blogged about the whole scenario and told her friends. And PayPal reversed their decision – again – and brave the $ 7,000 back to her!

We are planning our next retreat and she has already reserved her space.

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Why Treating Symptoms Alone Won’t Heal Discomfort, Pain or Illness

The human body is simply the vessel for emotional and spiritual beasts that we are. And you can not possibly heal your physical body alone from symptoms of pain, illness or disease, without also healing your mind and spirit. Balance; it's always about balance. Our well-being or dis-ease is a direct result of the flow of energy of each of these parts equally. This is why treating your symptoms of discomfort or pain does not work. You need to heal the part of you that created the symptom of discomfort in the first place.

Our physical bodies were designed to be self-correcting with numerous healing systems of checks and balances. The autonomous nervous system is just one of the systems in our body that shows us this. This is the system in our bodies that is responsible for control of the bodily functions not consciously directed, such as breathing, the heartbeat, and digestive processes. This system includes the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system.

The parasympathetic nervous system, also known as the rest and digest system, is what conserves energy as it slows down the heart rate and increases intestinal and gland activity when necessary. The sympathetic nervous system's primary function is to stimulate the body's fight-or-flight response. Fight-or-flight is a physiological response to a perceived harmful even, attack or a threat to survival. This entire automated system's design helps prepare the body to cope with stress and threats, as well as returning the body to a resting state afterwards.

Bear in mind that times of the past generations were much simpler. Most families back then considered two parents, one of which was usually taking care of the children. Times of today are very different and the challenges of two working parents or in many cases, single parent families are many. Oftentimes, most of us run around scattered most of the time trying to get all of the necessary things completed in a day with no time for rest.

Due to this consistent stresses of life during these times, we are generally living most of our days within the sympathetic nervous system. Understand that our bodies were not meant to be in a constant state of fight-or-flight response system. When our bodies do not regularly return to a period of rest afterwards, it wreaks havoc on our organs and systems with all of the hormones being released on a constant basis. Here, creating aches and pains, illness or even disease. This is our bodies way of telling us to stop, listen and slow down, of which, most of us rarely do.

This is only one of the physical systems of checks and balances our bodies were designed with. Now let's think about our emotions. When you live in a constant state of fight-or-flight, your emotions tend to get scattered and less than positive. The negative emotions of ongoing stress, depression, anxiety, constant excitation and even possible emotional pains of our past are all traumatic emotional energy.

The negative emotional energy also gets channeled into the physical body, showing too, as the aches and pains in our daily lives. This is our bodies way of trying to dispel this energy and in most cases, if you stop and listen to your body, these symptoms ease and your body recovers naturally. It's when you continue to ignore your body, that it creates longer lasting effects such as illness and disease.

So stop treating your symptoms of pain and listen to your body. Take the time to rest. We all need a reset button for ourselves every day to stay healthy. I'm not saying that you can not be Superman / woman and get it all done in a day, because you probably can and most likely do. Most of us have grown accustomed to this daily way of life, but at what cost? Is it worth your health? This is such a difficult lesson for most but think of your loved ones around you. Do not you want to be there for them in a healthy and balanced state for years to come? Because I'm pretty positive that they want that for both of you.

When your feeling imbalanced, not well, or have aches and pains, remember your body is trying to tell you something. And oftentimes, physical issues identified from a less than positive emotional place. So treat your entire being with balance and rest to help you to determine the root cause, which you can then deal with and heal fully. Throwing medication at a symptom will simply mask it, while the core issue is still very much alive. Core issues grow and fester, and at a certain point, they make you stop and listen.

I'm living proof of that, having had thyroid cancer at the age of 37. My symptoms started when I was 27 but I did not stop to listen to my body. I send you these healing tips from a place of love in the hopes that you may not have to go through a life altering disease like I did. Again, it's so important to understand that you can not heal the whole of you, without healing each of the parts.

Take time to do things that are relaxing to you every day. Even if 15 minutes a day is all the time you can spare, are not you worth it? The correct answer here is yes. Do something just for you, that you love, that makes you happy and whole. Balance and center with some quiet and calm time for you. You'll be amazed what little time you can do for you. You will slowly but surly start to notice those aches and pains slowly fading away, or maybe you start sleeping better at night. Ah, the magic!

If you would like help in easing the aches and pains of life that is possibly of a deer emotional energy that needs released, please reach out for a 15 minute consultation. See if Reiki Healing Energy is right for you. Or if someone you knew could benefit from this article, please share it so that everyone has the opportunity to heal their life.

Love and light,

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How to Get Centered

Sometimes in life, we get completely scattered. Our thoughts, emotions and even what we are doing to begin move all over the place with no rhyme or reason. Sometimes, this creates an unsettled feeling within and an inability to focus on getting things done that we set out to do. It's during times like these that we need to get ourselves back to neutral and get centered.

Centering yourself is nothing more than bringing all of your energies back to you within your entire being, connecting yourself once again to your energy. Think about the first thing one might do before a big presentation or interview. Taking a deep breath in, is sometimes what we do to prepare ourselves for something big that's about to happen. This is a person's innate ability to know exactly what they need to bring balance and centered within. The breath is what helps to bring all of your energy back inside so that you can be in balance within and focus on whatever it is that needs your attention at that moment.

Deep breathing is just one way to bring yourself back to center. Our breath is our life force. Breathing is what keeps us alive and most times is not even a thought, but conscious breathing helps one to center. Another way to center is to meditate using your breath for as little as three minutes, if your short on time. All of the meditations I do first begin with three slow deep breaths. You can do this in a comfortable position anywhere and just notice your breath. Notice the breath enter your body. Then notice it leaving your body. You'll find yourself in complete balance once you get accustomed to doing this. You'll also find that the rest of your day flows intentionally and with ease.

Simply bring yourself back to center with your breath, whenever or where you need it. Bring more balance and focus to your day!

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